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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Getting a New Companion!

Monday October 17, 2011

Dear family,
Sounds like things are going good....

Bullet Bike is not a brand, it just means the fast kind.... hahah ok ya Spencer's car wasn't fast enough.

Mom what you were talking about kinda sounds like getting a new companion in the mission.... it takes some ajusting.... and lots of humility and patience.... the thing that I have noticed is that humility is the key to getting along with anyone. It's something that I have been working on my entire mission.... Know it all syndrome is not appealing to anyone and it always causes contention, which is of the devil (3 Nephi 11).

SO speaking of new companions, I'm getting one. The change ends tomorrow and we received change calls last night and when I say new companion I mean new, new, new! I'm going to be training a new missionary- oro (gold.... but more commonly refered to in English as a greeny). I have to travel to Montevideo solo tomorrow and pick him up.  I will have to tell you next week about him.  Elder Villar is going to Rocha which is kind of near  33, one of my old areas.

We had a lot of cool experiences this week but I only have time to tell you one.

4 Americans came to our ward yesterday.  One of the four served his mission here in Uruguay about  37 years ago and he came to visit with his wife and brother and sister in law.  Only the ex-missionary spoke Spanish but it turns out that he came down here not knowing if he was going to  see any of his converts.  He had lost contact with them all years and years ago.Turns out that one of his converts is the wife of our current branch president.  She served a mission a few years after she was baptized  and then later got married in the temple.  They have childeren serving missions too. Anyway he was able to talk for a little bit and express his feelings as well as the member.  It was a very awesome experience. After the meeting I got to do some translating for the wife and her sister and brother.  It really was a great experience.  They are all from Austin, TX but before they lived in Ogden  too.  Anyway I don't have any more time.....

Thank you for all the support and prayers.... Tell Andy to write me!


Elder Carlson

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