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Monday, May 16, 2011

President Davidson

Hey Mom!

A recent trip to the zoo...

So we finally moved in! We were planning on having the Zone Leaders go and sign the contracts and everything on Wednesday and then moving out later that day.... Things did not go as planned. They went there and after many, many complications it came down that they wanted 10,950 some odd pesos before they gave us the keys, that's about 500 dollars, 5000 of it was for the rent, and then the rest was like a safety deposit and some taxes or something, it's not like a problem or anything but they just never mentioned it before.... Anyway we had to wait on the financers to get clearance from president Da Silva to give us the money. Our hilarious Zone Leaders Elder Sluder, and Elder Powell decided to play a little joke, so when he was talking on the phone the financer was telling him that he should have the money to him by Friday, and elder Sluder decided to just say out loud, "So about a month" just to throw off my comp that was listening in. The financer was kinda confused, but it ended up tricking us pretty bad, we had already packed almost everything, Anyway later that night they gave us a box and said it was a present for us, inside was six ballons with keys in them and then the signed contract on bottom! yeah! freedom!

We moved Friday, the plan was to move at 1 o clock and be done by 3 or 3:30 ish, things did not go according to plan. The hermano that was supposed to bring the truck didn't show up till 430 ish.... so we did a lot by hand in the down time, we cleaned out the old house and got everything out, it only took like 30 minutes once he finally arrived, The worst part was that the whole time we kept getting signs that he would be there soon, but it kept getting delayed so there was a lot of down time that day.....

Later that day, Friday, we had two baptisms! yeah! Erica De Los Santos, sister of Lorena who we baptized two weeks ago, and Eimi (Amy) who is from a family of inactive members, that had investigated the church a few years back but ended up not getting baptized.
It was great! President Davidson (I will explain who he is in a second) came to the baptism and gave a little talk at the end and it was super perfect for the situation because the father of Eimi isn't a member and it was totally talking to him. Then after that, Pte Davidson went and talked to a few of the members less actives that came and to the dad personally! It was awesome.

President and Sister Davidson are here on an asignment by the area presidency to live here in 33 and to help us become a stake. He was a mission president in Mexico Guadalajara, then he was the Area Secretary now he is a cousler for our mission president. The way the priesthood keys work with a district, the Mission president is technically the stake president for the District, so all keys flow through him, so he has been delegated the keys through pres Da Silva, so he has power to make changes in the District. Which is really helpful, because there are a lot of little problems with leadership and stuff, for example our presidente of the branch is kinda a bumb, he hasn't come to any of our baptisms we have had since I've been here, he comes to church but usually has some nasty stubble beard thing going on, he never comes to our ward council meetings.... anyway, I'm guessing there might be some changes made here shortly....

Some pictures from the zoo... 

A Carpincho.... they are only found in Uruguay and the largest rodent on earth.... interesting right?

I cannot believe that school is almost out already, One year ago today I was selling alarms in Houston, that is ridiculos to me! Time is flying by so fast.... it's almost scary. 

I thought of a few more things for the box....

-Summer sausage
-Sunflower seeds, maybe jalapeƱo flavor
-Potato salad recipe as well as recipes for pumpkin cookies, and bread
-DenTek comfort clean floss picks, (that's the brand I have right now but any shoud do)
-Appropriate mission music but in Spanish (not hymns) if you can find some, maybe ask Spencer for some suggestions

Also if you could, try to send a email to Zac Harmon and Riley Bennett, I sent them both letters a long time ago and haven't got a response, I don't know if they ever got the letters, so if you could send them an email or have their parents send a quick note to them to see if they got the letter, or to remind them to write me back. Thanks.

That's about all for today! I'm having fun and loving every minute of my mission! 
I love you guys and am really grateful for your love and support.

Love Elder Carlson!

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