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Monday, May 30, 2011

Carpincho Milenesas

[NOTE FROM MOM:  In my letter to Jordan I told him the summer sausage we sent him was confiscated at customs at the airport in Uruguay...]

Dear family,

NOOOO!!!!! But I love Summer Sausage..... I know missionaries have gotten them before, I think they don't bother with the mail system as much as they do in the airports. Haha oh well, I still haven't gotten the packages but they should be coming soon, my guess is Wednesday or Thursday. But thanks again.....

Yeah so the temperature is dropping down here too, but it's not going to be going up any time soon....  It rained a lot this week, on Wednesday and Thursday it was raining like the entire day and through the night. There is a small lake in our area, and it flooded like crazy all the river area around it got flooded and in one part it got all the way up to the road which had to be at least twenty or thirty feet away from where the normal beach was... It's pretty awesome looking. But other than that it didn't really flood anywhere else. 

So a couple of weeks ago I sent you a picture of a Carpincho, its the big hairy rodent that we saw at the zoo, Well it's illegal to kill them here in Uruguay but people still do it... Anyway we went to this little restaurant place in our area and my comp Elder Moffitt asked the guy if he had any milenesas of chicken but the guy said all he had was Carpincho milenesas, so of course we bought some! It was interesting, Everyone always talks about how good it is. I think mostly because its rare. but yeah I like it, it was a fairly gamey taste. And it was kinda dry, we had to reheat it in the microwave so I imagine that it would be better fresh, but yeah it was kinda like a juicy thicker beef jerky, so I liked it pretty good. Also I think I have told you but a Milenesas are like breaded deep fried chicken or beef, really good.... So that is my first really exotic food I've gotten to eat....

This week church was a little different, first thing, the Davidsons were in our ward again, and we went into the cultural hall and everyone was together because it was the fifth sunday, but instead of having Priesthood or Relief Society we looked at the ward list on a projector and people were supposed to just call out if they still lived at the same address.... I thought we were going to leave and have sunday school after the first hour but i was wrong everyone, the whole branch, including one of our investigators stayed and continued identifying old members, toward the end of the two hour bock we were just about half way through all of the 500 some odd members, part of me was wondering if Elder Davidson was just going to send the Deacons out to grab the sacrament and pass it around while everyone else kept working. haha, no but then we had a normal sacrament meeting the third hour like normal, it was a really weird sunday, especially for our investigator, she probably left really confused.... 

Also at church we had an elderly sister that had been going to a different branch because the branch she was supposed to be going to (ours) conflicted with her work schedule. But I guess she got it changed around because now she is coming to our branch like she is supposed too... anyway. This sister has always really like the missionaries, she always gives them food and stuff. Unfortunately she has been going about it the wrong way. We first heard about this Sister from the Elders in the other branch, for a long time now the elders from Plaza, the other branch, have been leaving their area Saturday night to go and have dinner with this Sister that lives deep within the boundaries of my area. Its obviously a waste of prime time, saturday night and all, but also you aren't allowed to leave your area, especially for a reason like that. The elder that came to Trienta y Tres with me put an end to that tradition and to make matters worse the Sister had been giving the Elders money for more food. So he had to explain that we can't accept money and that she needs to go to her proper branch and she should feed the missionaries in her own branch! haha he did the right thing, it's sad because she has good intentions but she was supporting missionary disobedience, which is not good! Anyway so she talked with us on Sunday and told us that she wants us to visit her.... then we went back into the church because we had to go grab some stuff before we headed off to lunch, when we came out she yelled for us to come over across the street, she was standing outside of a restaurant and had just ordered us a pizza.... yeah.... She is a really nice lady but we are going to have a talk with her about the appropriate time to give us things.... hahah 

Other than that we have a ton of work right now. We are finding a lot of new people to teach and we are about to start into this contact every single member business.... it's going to be a lot to do.... but yeah, 
Damion is doing awesome, We had a really good lesson with him on Thursday and he told us that he probably wasn't going to be able to come to church because he had work and it was one of only three days that they had given him for that week. We explained that it was really important and that he should try to talk to his boss and see if he can get that day free or at least get those three hours free.... Saturday we talked to him again and he told us that his boss wouldn't give him the time off so he told the boss that he had to quit so he could go to church! It was awesome! He said that God helped him find a job the first time and he knew that he could help him again. We were so excited to see him in church the next day! But.... He didn't come..... It was awful, we even went to his house during church to see if we could get him... We talked to his mom and she said that he had a really bad night and couldnt sleep at all and he only recently went to bed, We had a member with us who just so happened to be a male nurse that has worked with him in the past. The member guys said that if he just went to sleep now he wouldnt be waking up any time soon because of the medication that he is on..... It was really unfortunate.
But on the bright side we had an investigator that we weren't expecting show up. It's an older lady that has problems walking but she ended up walking all the way there by her self, probably a little slowly but she made it! it was awesome!

Well we are going to keep working, everything will turn out good! 

Love you guys! Thanks for everything!

Elder Carlson! 

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