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Monday, June 11, 2012

An Interesting Week

Dear family,
Wow, that sounds so awesome. I would love to be there sharing those awesome memories, and I cant wait to share some of the wonderful expieriences from my mission.  Important question! WHAT WAS THE NAME OF YOUR MISSION, DAD? There are three elders here from England and i mentioned that you served there and they always ask me what mission but i never could remember... Their names are Elder McClucky, Wilkey, and Liddle. 

 Why is it that you guys have never had any jobs south of Equador? You need to find a job really quickly for Argentina, Chile, Uruguay or South Brazil so you can be near by to pick me up from my mission! haha that would be awesome. We have to make some plans to come down here, or at least to Brazil for the world cup or something....  I´m jealous. Its getting pretty cold down here and you guys are enjoying some nice summertime weather. Our house is a lot nicer that the last, but its also probably colder.... becasue its bigger.

 This week i went on a companion exchange with the elders from La Paz. Elder Dinkel and I were together... Elder Dinkel is from Nephi, and he came in the group one change younger than me. We had a great day and got them a baptism for that week. A kid whose whole family are members, he lives with his mom, aunt and grandma. The moms not super active but the grandma and aunt are really active, Anyway this kid is 9 years old and they have been wanting him to get baptized for a long time now. A lot of missionaries had tried before so he already knows all the lessons really well. He is a really smart 9 year old, that is part of the problem because he is kinda rebelious and wants attention and he gets bored easy. But we had a great lesson where we repased all the lessons by asking him the baptism interview questions, he knew almost everything perfect. Then we asked him when he was going to get baptized, he said he didnt know, so we said. "This Sunday?" At first he was hesitante because he thought that he had to bear his testimony after the baptism and he was scared to do that. we told him that he didnt have to and then he gladly accepted to getting baptized. His mom and grandma were shocked because they had been waiting so long for him to say he wanted to be baptized and it finaly happend so quickly and unexpectedly.  I came back a few days later and did the offical interview and it went great. He got baptized Sunday after their sacrament meeting.  Also on the same intercambio Elder Dinkel and I went to another investigators house. In the house the mother wasnt home so we decided to have a little lesson outside of there house. The brother is a recent convert he is 13 the girl is  11 and they have a little sister that is 3 ish. And they were home alone without adult supervision. We start the lesson and the little 3 year old started acting weird and the 11 year old girls started freaking out saying that she was pretty sure that the little girl had put a two liter bottle cap in her mouth and had swallowed it. The little girl definitely was acting strange kinda like she was choking. We both immeditely got up and Elder Dinkel went into Super Dinkel mode and did the proper manuver. It seemed to help but the girl was acting strange and we kept trying to get her to make noise but i think she was scared and so she didnt say or make any nosie or anything with was kinda alarming, but then she started making noise and we calmed down. Anyway Elder Dinkel had been a lifeguard for 4 years in Nephi and had never had to use his lifesaving skills until then. That was pretty crazy.

 In my area Elder Alvey (My comp) and Elder Tampellini (Brazilian) had a pretty interesting day as well. With one of our investigators some doubts about the book of mormon and modern day prophets came out. Then the lady just started saying things she had no idea about, kinda showing off her ingnorance, saying things like There has never existed any prophets except Jesus, My comps mentioned Moses and she said something like Moses is the prophet that baptized Jesus. Just plain nonsense. Elder Tampellini jsut went to town on here with the bible. Its probablly a good thing because they arent really progressing, they didnt come to church and they need to be dropped for a time. Then they went over to Sebastion and his families house. And i ahve mentioned that they arent exactly normal people. So they had got everyone good and focused and they were teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ when someone from outside started yellling the dads name. He kinda got weird and started looking all over the house for somehting. and then he grabbed a big kitchen knife opened the door went out side and slammed the door. They couldnt really hear much from outside but when he came back he was covered in blood.... just kidding. No there was no blood or anything. he was acting kinda weird an the mom was really worried but he explained that it was someone from work and they ended up calming down, at the end of the lesson they said "oh ya! we have a gift for you!" They reach in to the freezer and pull out a huge frozen full chicken. and gave it to us. Ya they ususally give us something. I swear they always have a cake in there fridge and they always send us home with a big slice. It usually really good cake but sometime it has been in the fridge for a while and has started to suck up the some from their cigaretts. Anyway their gifts always come from the heart. One time the mom insisted on giving us some food, and we really didnt want it but she gave it to us anyway. and like 5 minutes from leaving there house we were walking and we some guy came up to us that was dressed pretty bad you could tell he wasnt a very well off guy and he was with a little girl on his shoulders and he asked us if we could give him some money, I said i didnt have any but i asked if he was hungry and he said ya, so i gave him the food  that sebastions mom had given us.... it all worked out perfect. :)

 Anyway we had a kinda intersting week. We are seeing some progress with some important investigators and we found areally cool kid this week. His name is Brian, he is  16 his brother that is  18 lives in a different city but  got baptized last Saturday. Brian knows all these weird things about the church. like he said he had read most of the book Our Heritage. He told us about Joseph Smith as a child getting sick and having the operation and then the first vision and he included such details as satan trying to stop him and he mentioned that the enemies of the church stealing 1016 pages of the book of mormon (116, close enough) it was really cool. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted :) we are pretty excited about him!

Everything is going great, lovin the mish, just a little cold is all! Thats about it for now! Have fun for the rest of your trip! I WANT TO SEE PHOTOS!
Elder Carlson

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