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Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Been Raining a Lot!

Dear Family,
Girls camp, that sounds like fun. I didn't even realize that school had ended and you guys are in the full swing of summer. Time is so different out here. 

Anyway, big news.... Yesterday night we recived change calls. I have been here 3 changes already so I was expecting to be leaving. Nope. I'm staying a fourth change. It doesn't happen a ton but its happening more and more. I also really thought I was leaving because I only have 2 changes left and it would be really weird to stay here for 5 changes and also really weird to be here for 4 changes and finish my mission in a new area for 1 change. But we will see what happens. I'm not mad about staying but I would have liked to have a change of scenery, this is a pretty small area, also I'm going to be here with Elder Davies, he is in his last change now. I think it's just going to be a little extra trunky because we are both so old in the mission. Elder Alvey is staying with me here. The other elder in the house Elder CastaƱeda is leaving and Elder Purdon is coming. Elder Purdon is in the same group as my second oro elder Segura, the neat thing is that elder Purdon is from Australia! So that will be interesting. I  think I mentioned that my first oro Elder Francis trained the same change that I trained again, and that elder francis´ oro is from New Zeland. So basically I've got to be pretty near all the elders from weird countries. It's cool...

Here's a picture of me with my Mission President and Hermana da Silva

Anyway i forgot to mention last week, yes I got all photos and they are great thank you!
Also I have been kinda sick for a little while. Basically since Thursday of last week I haven't been 100%.  I have had a fever off and on and right now im battling a cough,  and a headache. My cough got pretty bad and I called the mission nurse She told me to mix straight lemon juice with honey and take it like a cough syrup it worked suprisingly well. I still have a little bit but its gotten a lot better.

So the new president comes at the end of this week, Friday I think. I have no idea what is going to happpen but I will keep you guys informed.

Elder Carlson

P.S. I made mom's bean dip for the first time because I finally found some Tostitos.  It was delicious!

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