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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Bautismo!

Dear Family,
Haha sunny, warm??.... those are not the words to describe this week. It has been really really rainy.  On Friday it started.  In the morning it was sunny and beautiful and just by chance I cleaned out my backpack, and just by chance I took out my umbrella that I had been carrying around for 3 weeks without use. And just by chance,  Friday we got dumped on!  My trainer didn't have anything either so we just worked in the rain. The water proof Eccos worked great! Anyway the next day started out sunny and hot as well, but I wasn't going to be fooled!  I brought my umbrella, and guess what? It started raining, but whats more, it started to hurricane, (hurricane is now a verb, i just decided it) and there was some super strong wind, anyway the umbrella broke because of the wind.  I got way way way more soaked than Friday, literally as wet as I would have been if I jumped in a pool. It was crazy! The most powerful storm I have ever seen, it was worse than the one that Cam and dad and I were driving in in Virgina a few years back. It was neat though, haha,  except everything we had was soaked and we were trying to get things done. We ended up jimmy rigging a clothes line inside of our house.

Anyway, we had another bautismo this week, I can't remember the English spelling of bautismo. His name is Antonio, he is awesome, really humble and lots of faith. He has had some set backs with the bautismo process and he works a lot so its been hard but we finally got it done. Then on Sunday it was pouring down rain again and a ton of members didn't even come to church but Antonio was there! It was a serious blessing.

Other than that, everyone I'm around always talks about how fast the mission is going. It really didn't seem to be going that fast until these last few weeks, the first change is the longest, but I can already feel it starting to fly by! It's crazy, its crazier to think that Cam is done. So weird, it will be fun to talk to you all on christmas, I will email you more details about that next week. We will figure everything out and let you know when. But as for homesickness it really is a joke to me, we are way too busy to even think about home. And the seasons are so different that nothing reminds me of Christmas even when I see a Christmas tree in a house or something. Honestly I'm good so don't worry. But as for the presents I have been really good about not opening them. The other day I did get into the rice crispys and made some treats :) and then yesterday we were making doughnuts and I decided that I needed some hot chocolate to go with them and I happened to notice this suspiciously shaped cylinder in my box, and I figured that since it was rainy and cold and this is probably the only cold day left before or after christmas that I might as well take advantage of it. But nothing more. Promise!

I could use a few things in the package with the ipod...
-water proofing spray from like Sportsmans or something (i found out my coat is a little less waterproof than we thought)
-Gatorade mix, only fierce grape or orange like one of the big ones :)
-conversions, if you could attach a pdf of a bunch of american to metric cooking, tempurature, and other conversions!
-and then some recipes maybe, maybe potato soup and then cookies or brownies or cakes or something, but they don't have chocolate chips down here so be warned!

That's all for now

Elder Carlson IV!

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