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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alejandra and Belen

How's everthing going back in Utah?
Well I don't have a ton to say because I told you guys just about everthing on the phone...
So Sunday night we had change calls, we get a call from our district leader telling us who is going and who is staying. We are in a four elder house and we were expecting one elder that has been here for 3 changes to go, but we are all staying, the only change was that my comp is our new district leader now. so nothing major.
Yes we have a microwave. I guess a lot of the houses didn't but then just a few changes ago the offices got microwaves and ovens for all the houses.
I hear the fireworks down here are even bigger on new years eve, so that should be cool. haha
We have two baptisms this Friday. Alejandra age 15 and Belen age 9. Alejandra's mom got baptized a few months back and at first Alejandra wanted nothing to do with the church, but a change happened and all of a sudden she started coming to church and reading a ton in the Book of Mormon. Anyway this is a long overdue baptism because they have both come to church 6 times which is way more than they need in order to get baptized. But it should be good, Belen is the cousin of Alejandra, her mom is a really inactive member and we weren't sure if we should baptize her because she didn't have that much support, but at the Christmas conference with Pte. Da Silva he dropped cane on not baptizing someone because you think they might go inactive. He said those were thoughts put there by Satan and everyone has agency and we aren't the ones to decide how someone might use their agency. So we are baptizing her, but it shouldn't be a problem because Alejandra and her family are supporting her really well anyway.
Sorry it was short, but I don't have much more to say.
Love you guys!
Elder Carlson IV

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