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Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Crazy to Think That Cam's Home

Dear family,
That is so fun about Cam coming home. I realized half way through sat. that it was the day he was going home, it's so crazy to think about. gall, So guess what? I had my 3 month mark the other day, I'm already 1/8 done with my mission, 12.5% - crazy right?  I like those pics you sent, I hope that sign gets all ripped up and ruined so you have to buy a brand new one for me- jk! and then Cam has gotten taller holy cow, ha.

Ok so I might as well start with the calling stuff. We are going to do it Saturday the 25th at around 3 pm  my time which I think is 10 am your time but I'm not sure.  I will call you guys for just a sec to tell you to go ahead and call me back. You need to dial:  

Plus if you have a calling card or something all those numbers first. Anyway I think the best way is for you guys to just get a calling card. You could use gmail to call me but I don't know if it would be easier with all the people, dad knows how to do it.
We only get 40 minutes, so you better make a list of things you want to tell me. This isn't one of those lazy Philadelphia missions where you get to call all day, we are going to busy christmas day! haha
So I don't think I have ever told you but everyone down here drinks water with carbonation, like mineral water, or club soda, it's so nasty, but they all love it, I do not. We aren't supposed to do this but all the missionaries just drink straight from the faucet with out filtering it, it tastes fine and it's really is pretty good quality, but they gave us all a filter its just a pain, and we always make juice, Tang is super big down here.
Last Friday the 17th we had a big Christmas conference with the entire mission! It was crazy, there are like 200 of us. I got to see all the guys from the CCM again which was cool, and we found out that I have a twin in my mission that just barely left so I had all these other missionaries coming up to me and saying I looked exactly like this other elder.

Pres. Da Silva and his wife talked and we all sang a musical number and they had lunch, which was really good, it was just some chicken thing but it was catered so they had coke- which is against our mission rules, well, we are only prohibited from buying coke, if someone offers it to us we can have it!
We have a baptism coming up this week, Alejandra, she is 15 and her mom joined the church just a few months ago, it should be good, except we have had to change the date of the bap. like 3 times, it should be on the 31 of December now though!
We have been working really hard to find new investigators because recently we have kinda run out because they are all getting baptized. We found two families, Veronica whose husband is military and is in Haiti right now, and the Marias, a grandma and her granddaughter. The grand daughter is hilarious, she is like 13 and she has a million questions. For example we tried to teach the plan of salvation and we were explaining the first principle, the pre earth life, and we explained that God had a body and we didn't which led to questions about if God and Jesus are alive then where are they?  We said heaven, and she was like, well then they are dead. Then I said something to my comp in English and she was like, you speak English? Wait, when he talks to you in English, do you understand it in English or in Spanish? I almost started laughing. We didn't even make it past the first principle because she had so many questions.
Anyway I will make a list of cool things to tell you for Saturday. Merry Christmas!
Love, Elder Carlson IV

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