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Monday, January 17, 2011

120 Kilometer Winds!


Thanks for sending the box, I was wondering what your excuse this week was going to be for not sending it! haha, but it’s alright about the photo album, just hold on to it until you fill another box of requests and send it with that stuff. If it makes you feel any better, you probably forgot other things too!
Anyway, so a couple of weird things happened this week. So first off, Thursday morning President da Silva, my mission president, came to my zone, Florida, to have personal interviews with everyone and do a little training. So instead of personal and comp study we went to the church right next door and had a nice little meeting. He talked to us about agency, and of course baptism. It must just be because I’m new but my interview was noticeably the shortest.  Less problems I guess. haha But it was good, it’s always a really good experience when we do something with him.

Then this last Sunday he made another surprise visit and joined the sacrament meeting of the other branch in our building. Oh yes and we got to ask him about our investigator. Did I tell you we have an investigator who killed someone.?  Anyway we do, so we asked President about what we have to do to get him baptized.   It doesn’t look good. Did Spencer ever baptize someone like that.... or Cameron? Oh well, we will figure something out.

Olga and Alfredo are flying.  They went to a baptism in one of the other branches and loved it. And they both have a testimony of the Book of Mormon now.  It’s going really well.   The only bump we have left to cover is the Word of Wisdom.  It’s not a huge problem, they don’t smoke or anything, but we are pretty sure they drink sometimes.   So that is what we are teaching next time.   Oh ya and we have charlas [chats] with them all the time, like 5 a week or so and they both came to church!

Oribe didn’t though... ah it’s frustrating because Olga and Alfredo read every night and don’t understand a thing, but its ok because they are being obedient.  But Oribe is able to understand everything he reads and chooses not to.   Right now we are working on getting him to understand why it’s important to find the one true church, and getting him to understand that there is only one true church. We will see, but we won’t be baptizing him this month I think.

Yesterday started out really unbearably hot and then we had someone tell us that there were 120 kilometer per hour winds that were going to come through soon. They were right.  It was crazy.  I don’t know how fast it was but it was one of the strongest winds I have ever felt.   There were some crazy clouds too, and then 30 minutes before we got home it started raining and we got soaked. I had my dvd player too but I wrapped it up in plastic and it was fine.

Oh yes, I know what you can get Whitney for her birthday, a spanking!  She is the most spoiled out of all of us and she has written me the least out of all our family. Once in a box you sent and once she had you send a bunch of papers from her seminary friends, and none of they were even hers. Lazy.

oh well, that’s all for now!

Love, Elder Carlson!

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