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Monday, January 3, 2011

Alfredo, Olga, Oribe and Enrique

Dear Family,

Mom, just so you know, when you say, "You have probably already heard", you should modify that to "you probably haven’t heard anything" because I haven’t.  I never hear about anything, so for future notice,  if something happens, just go ahead and tell me anyway, because there is a good change that I haven’t heard.... hahha

Anyway, this week was really good, we found a lot of new investigators which is what we need because all the old ones that we had been teaching since I got here have been baptized. Alejandra and Belén both got baptized, and it was the least opposition we have ever had at a baptism, nothing really went wrong like normal, which was refreshing.

We found an older married couple named Alfredo and Olga, they have been married for 40 some odd years and when we first contacted them we only talked to Alfredo, but it wasn’t that great of a contact or anything. We kinda forgot about him but then a few weeks later we saw his house and decided to try back.  It turns out that this week his brother died, it’s sad but its really a blessing for us because the Lord always finds a way to prepare people to receive his gospel.  Since then we have had 3 charlas with them and they have all been fantastic, and Olga came to church this week.  They are a straight up blessing from the Lord, especially right now because it is impossible for us to get a couple married.  We put a baptismal date for the 29 of Jan.

We also found this other amazing guy to teach, his name is Oribe.  He was an investigator like 6 years back, and when we first contacted him he starting talking about the other missionaries that taught him way back then, he even remembered all their names,.  He already has a triple combination and he is super super smart.  The first encounter we had with him he quoted a scripture in Alma - it was amazing! He is going to have some problems to overcome we already know about, but it will be worth it. He is a person that in a few years could be a serious leader in the church.

We found another golden investigator named Enrique.  He is 23 and married, another big blessing, and he pretty much said everything you want to hear as a missionary in our first lesson.  He said he felt like he wants to be closer to God and all this other beautiful stuff, then we topped off the lesson by having him pray on the first meeting, and we knelt for it.  Oh boy that was probably the best first lesson I have ever had, the spirit was so so so strong while he was praying and wow it was awesome, and we placed a date for his baptism the very first lesson,  it was great. The only problem with him is he is going to be moving sometime soon so we will have to really work hard to get everything done!

Anyway, I didn’t bring my camera today so I will send more pics next week, oh yes and if you haven’t sent the box, if you wouldn’t mind putting a small photo album in there, I’m in need and I can’t find any down here. Just a simple one will do.

It’s hot down here....

Thanks for all the help with the ipod and stuff, have fun in Georgia, Dad. Oh yes and we didn’t watch any fireworks on New Years, we had to be in bed like a normal day, but they woke me up and it was really loud and I couldn’t sleep for like an hour!

I Love You All!

Elder Carlson IV

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