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Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Baptisms This Week!

Dear Family,

Well the weather is getting a lot nicer, it has cooled down quite a bit. I have noticed that this entire change, like the last 5 weeks, has been a little cooler. Just yesterday it dropped to like 20 degrees C, I don't know what that is in F. but it's significantly cooler. There isn't really fall in this country it shifts pretty fast from summer to winter, so we will see how long this nice weather will last.
I have a kinda weird request. Do you remember the photo that you included in that little book you made for me of dad and his big Alaska fish? Could you send me the original by email. I want to print it out.  Thank you
SO.... This week was incredibly busy and awesome! We had all 5 baptisms!!!! Yeah! and a whole boat load of problems!!!!!!! yeah!  Haha there are always problems when you are trying to baptize, this week was normal problems X 10.
So we baptized:
Daiana and Alejandro age 22 and 41
Joselin age 15
Maria and Maria! age 82 and 14

I baptized Joselin, Elder Pesqueira baptized Daiana, Alejandro, and old Maria... Daiana and Maria with my help. And then we had a future missionary in our ward named Martin baptize little Maria.

So, up until Friday everthing was going good. My comp and another elder (we did a comp exchange) went over the interview questions on Thursday and there weren't any problems. But when we came back and went over them again on Friday with the Marias, the old Maria (she is 82), was having some problems because they hadn't eaten in a while and she started blaming our church, it was kinda confusing because she is a crazy old lady and kinda goes off about weird stuff sometimes. Anyway, she said she didn't want to get baptized.... But we were going to be coming back on Saturday morning to do the interview for at least the little Maria. 
Saturday. We planned on having the interviews at 10 in the morning with the ZLs, they didn't end up getting started till 11:15. Finished by like 12 ish and took a taxi over to Marias, Old Maria was really happy and said she wanted to get baptized. We had told our president of the branch what they had told us about not having food and he ended up pulling some stuff together and bringing it to them. So we had the interviews and they took forever but we finished without problems. We ran to lunch, 2 hours late, and then filled up the font. Then at 5:30 we walked over to the Marias house again to call a taxi and bring them all to the church. we called the taxi at 6ish and it was supposed to be there at 6:15. Well we called them back at 6:30 to see why they weren't there, they finally showed up at 6:40, but the stinkin taxi driver already had a person in the taxi and thought he could get away with double booking his taxi!!!! So we decided to put the Marias in the taxi and start running to the church, we told the taxi driver that he needed to drop the Marias off at the Mormon church and then drive back on this big road called Artigas and pick us up and then we would pay him for everything. So we took off it was already 6:50, oh and it takes about 30 minutes walking to get from Marias to the Church. So we started out running until we got to Artigas then we were basically powerwalking and waiting for the taxi to come get us... 

The stinkin taxi never came back. He never got paid either. It ended up making us even later. And we still hadn't set up chairs or figured out baptismal clothing for our investigators! Luckly the other elders set up the chairs for us. We got the clothing figured out, got changed and got started. There weren't any other major problems after that except screaming children and both me and Elder Pesqueira had to be in the font to baptize two of the people because of certain difficulties.

The Marias, Joselin, Daiana, Alejandro, Elder Pesqueira, me and Martin

Anyway it all turned out fantastic and they all came to church the next day and got confirmed. Yeah.
Now we just find some more people to teach...
Elder Carlson 

P.S. We have transfers on the 22nd. Yep, there is a really good chance that I will be changing areas so there is a really good chance that I will be seeing Elder Bendtschneider in a few days.

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