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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great News About Kylie's Mission Call!

Dear Family,
That is so AWESOME about Kylie!!!!!! Maybe I will write her a letter in Spanish or something....
Thanks for the box.... in advance.

Well things are going great here in Uruguay, you might notice that today is not Monday, I expected to have an extra 3 emails from mom asking what's going on..... I can see now that Spencer was the only loved one....jk.... Anyway this Monday and Tuesday was Carnaval, a huge parade party holiday thingy in Uruguay, it's even bigger and more evil in Brazil but they still celebrate it here. So everything was closed, very boring pday. We mostly just sat at home and did nothing. But we did go to the huge catholic cathedral near the center of Florida. There is a big plaza and this huge Church. It was interesting inside. Kinda weird, definitely not the same feeling you get when you walk into one of our churches. More intimidating, it almost makes you feel guilty for sins you didn't even commit..... hahha.

So, we have 5 baptisms this Saturday. Yes 5, we are very excited and  busy. Hopefully they all go through....

Alejandro and Dayana: I don't remember if i told you about them but they are really cool, Dayana's mom got baptized a couple weeks back and we have been teaching them ever since. They are super willing to change their lives for the gospel, but what's even better is that their lives aren't that far from living the gospel anyway. They are already married, huge  blessing. She smoked but quit about 2 months ago, they aren't regular drinkers.... it's all just worked out so well. A very nice blessing indeed.

The Marias: Las Marias is a more correct name. It seems super weird to call them the Marias... anyway its a grandma and her granddaughter both named Maria. We have been teaching them for a really long time.... their main problem is that they never come to church even when they said they were going to.... The grandma has tons of health problems and can barely walk. The first time we got her to church, she passed out immediately after the first class when she was walking over to the sacrament room.... since then she hasn't fallen at all in our presence.  But she did fall and break her wrist the other day, so she has a cast and it can't get wet, which is a problem for baptism by immersion. So we are still thinking of solutions for that one.

Joselyn: Joselyn is another fantastic blessing from the Lord. She recently moved from another area. She is 14, was pretty much raised in the church and already has been taught almost everything. We just have to finish everything up, baptize, and mesh her into our wonderful ward.

Oh yes and the other day we went to Montevideo for a leadership conference. It was good,  I got to do a practice up in front of everyone, where I introduced the Book of Mormon. Normally the practices are two missionaries practicing to two other missionaries but I got the pleasure of practicing to Presidente Da Silva and his wife. I wasn't nervous..... ya... anyway it went good. I must have either done really bad and he didn't want to hurt my feelings or he could tell how nervous we were because he praised us an unusual amount after.... haha, oh ya I did the practice with an elder that has 6 weeks more than me that I knew from the CCM.

Thats all for now!

Love Elder Carlson

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