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Monday, March 21, 2011

Leaving Florida

Hey Everybody!

This week flew by. We have changes tomorrow. I'm going to be leaving my good old oro area here in Florida and head up a little north to a city called 33. My area is called Central, I don't know if it's a downtown area but I know 33 isn't a very big city I think it's like Florida sizewise. We were expecting me to leave because I already have had 3 changes here which is fairly normal for an first area. But then on Sunday night Presidente Da Silva called. He only calls a few people before changes. Assistants, Secretaries, Financers, and Zone Leaders. He asked to talk with my comp. Turns out he is going to be a Zone Leader. That is the second, of two, of my comps that have become zone leaders after being comps with me. Anyway after we found that out we were doubting that I was going to leave because the Zone Leaders have specific areas in each zone and so we knew that Pesqueira was leaving for sure. And we werent really expecting a white wash in our area.... anyway. We got calls and it turns out that they changed the Zone Leader Area to my old area Estacion so Pesqueira is going to be staying! My new comps name is Elder Mofit. I don't know anything about him but I have seen him around. He was just comps with one of the elders in my CCM group, Elder Sasselli. So I am taking over his area in 33. I like my area here a lot but I have been here a while and talked with everyone multiple times and I would like to get to know a few more areas so everything worked out well. I just don't want to pack. That is going to be awful. We leave tomorrow at 9 in the morning.

No news on the box, there is a good chance that I will get it tomorrow at changes.
Also we have a few old investigators that we are working with but recently we found a part member family with twin 9 year olds that want to get baptized! Yeah! Now they just have to come to church! haha

Spanish is going really well. I don't really have many problems now a days. I just have to pay attention to understand people. Elder Pesqueira and I don't really talk that much Spanish..... because he isn't a real Latino, he is from Orem. My next comp is a gringo, but maybe we will speak more Spanish, who knows.

I think that is about it.

Anyway... Love You All!

Elder Carlson

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