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Monday, June 6, 2011


Wow, so got a lot of emails from everyone this week, and just so you know, I  don't have any time to respond to them, sorry....

So this week has flown by, faster than most, I think you are going to be hearing that a lot from me..... Anyway, we just barely got back from the Davidson's house, they are finally all settled in and so they invited all the missionaries over to have hamburgers! They were very yummy, their house is the first house that feels like an American home, even though it is very small. We were going to play games but we didn't really have time, we played a little speed scrabble, and they have Settlers of Catan and some others.... so maybe if I don't get changed I will go play some games with them another p day.... We have change calls coming this Sunday. I seriously cannot even believe the change is almost over. It feels like I have been with Elder Moffitt less time then I was with Elder Pesqueira.... but I've been with Moffitt almost double already... so weird. 

So we had a ton of people in church, lots of inactive members coming back, it's really amazing. One of the families that we just reactivated has a 4 year old boy named Toto, or at least that's his nick name, its really fun and I don't know why, but for some reason this little boy just loves me. We go to the family's house for a lesson or something and I almost don't participate at all because this kid is just dying for my attention, the other day he colored all over a bunch of my agenda pages, it's cute but kinda distracting. haha

So today they moved two Elders from Plaza into our house. They are going to be there for at least 6 weeks, one change, and they are going to be putting an extra pair of missionaries in another ward, it's because we are getting a ton of new missionaries, like 26 and not that many are leaving this change.... 

Well thats about it! I really am super rushed today!

Love Elder Carlson

P.S.  I got the package. It had:

my usb
perfect push ups
choclate chips
spice cake
brown sugar

I made the pumpkin cookies it worked great, they were fantastic!  I might have forgotten to list something.... but thanks so much!

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