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Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Elder Guex(He is Uruguayan), Elder Baxter (Without his tag, he isfrom Idaho), Elder Francis, and Elder Carlson

Dear Family,

We will be doing the video call from a members house. I hope the
internet is up to speed....
The Member (Matias) should add you as a friend or whatever so we can

We are trying to call the member right now to get the schedule figured out. but im thinking that I will do mine at like 3:00pm which hopefully is 10:00am your time. If there are problems we can always call you the day of and trying to figure it out real fast. It will be about 40 minutes like last time I believe.

The Christmas conference was great. It was really fun to see all my friends and former comps. The food was fantastic, It was sadder than last year... I think that president is getting sad because his time is just about up. He has less than 6 months left. He leaves in July I think. But it was really good.

Thanks so much for the letter. I was really good. I noticed that some had more time to write than others. hahah.

So it rained every day this week. Not fun. The umbrella is standing up to the challenge.

I can't think of anything to write.

Well That's good about Spencer. I hope he gets it. Would he have to move to Chicago if he did? That would be weird.

Also I'm jealous of the Christmas party.  But I will just have to make my own christmas party I guess.

So I made cinnamon rolls yesterday. Turned out delicious.

Also on Tuesday I made a chocolate pin wheel cake for Elder Francis' birthday. It wasn't as fancy as mom's because I didn't have the thing to squeeze the frosting but it was delicious. Also the frosting turned out wrong..... I think the problem was that I didnt beat the cream
long enough. because it never got stiff. So it was really liquidy so I decided to try to fix that by putting it into the blender. It worked but th
en I over blended it an it separated from the pudding and I think turned pretty much into butter. But I ended up boiling it and making pudding pretty much and then adding some more cream properly whipped. It tasted good at least......

Thats all for now.

Here is a pic of the mini apple pies and vanilla ice cream i made on Thanksgiving.....


Elder Carlson

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