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Monday, December 5, 2011

Inviting Everyone We Meet to Get Baptized

Dear Family,
First off mom, Thanks for notifying me that you typed your letter on your iPad, I feel like it really added to the letter. haha, You guys are all so spoiled. Cameron told me that everyone except whitney and I have iPads now. Oh yes, speaking of iphones,  an iPhone 4 down here costs $999, thats right, one thousand dollars. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I did receive the Christmas Boxes, thank you very much. The umbrella is very nice. I hope it stands the test of time. It hadn't rained for at least 6 weeks but rained the very same day that my box arrived, that was very convenient. It looks like you did a nice job stuffing those boxes full. p.s. I guessed about half of the things without even opening them. Syrup, Bisquick, I'm also pretty sure there are koolaid packets and slippers. Oh yes,  and the ping pong balls ripped open in transit.
Anyway, Thank you very much. I'm not sure when I'm going to make the cookies but They look yummy.

So Elder Luke is in America. He told me that he was planning on going to California for a little bit first and then coming back to Utah, He has a box for you guys that has some Uruguayan treats! Alfajores.... and some Dulce de Leche. Yum.

This week was good. It cooled down a lot. Thank goodness. The rain made it a lot nicer weather. We are having some difficulty getting our investigators to come to church like they know they should. But we have found a few promising investigators that could get baptized soon!   They are people that were investigating earlier but then never got baptized. We will see how it goes. One is a lady named Beatriz. She was investigating for about  3 years but wasn't married and couldn't or  wouldn't get married, but now she is separated from her partner. She has always wanted to get baptized so we think there won't be too many problems. They only thing is she works every other Sunday.

There have been a lot of little changes taking place in the mission. We have always been really focused on  baptism but now we are trying to focus even more. Our new desire, at least as a district, is to invite everyone we talk to in contacts to be baptized. It's interesting. Its literally like the second sentence that comes out of our mouth. We invited 61 people to be baptized, but our zone leaders invited 140, so I guess we have some room to improve. Obviously not everyone says yes, but a lot more than you would think say yes.  Even the people that say no usually have a better doctrinal discussion with us rather than just saying "no thanks come by some other day".

Just like last year, I feel very little of the traditional, I guess you could say commercial, Christmas spirit. I think it's because it's so hot out, and it's still bright out when we go home and there are no Christmas lights. However I think I'm going to try to focus my studies and thoughts on the Savior so I can get into the spiritual Christmas spirit.

Thanks for all the love support and prayers

Love Elder Carlson

P.S.   My companion's birthday is coming up and I was thinking about making a chocolate pinwheel cake, not as fancy as mom's but the same ingredients.... Could you send me the recipe for the pudding frosting.
And since Christmas is coming I was thinking Cinnamon Rolls.  If you could send a recipe for that as well.... :)

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