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Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear Family,
Wow. So Im really tired, today has been a crazy day.

First off, tomorrow we have changes, we received the change calls
last night. I have been in Asamblea 3 changes, Elder Francis 2, so it
was really logical that I would be leaving. Logic has nothing to do
with change calls. I am staying, Elder Francis is leaving. I will be
here in Florida another month and a half, making my  total time here
in this house 10 and a half months. Almost half of my mission.

My new companion is named Elder Sevilla, I have no idea who he is, nor
does anyone I have talked to. I heard he might be from Honduras. He
has about 9 months in the mission so he isn't new or anything. I am
going to be district leader again. It was a big shock that Francis is
leaving. Also the other companionship in my house changed, Elder Bush
is going to be living with me. Thats fun. We are from the same group,
he is the one that I talked to on facebook before the mission. We will
see how everything goes. I'm not going to lie I was ready to  move on
to another area, but I guess I still haven't done something here that I
was supposed to. So another 6 weeks wont kill me I guess.

That's too bad about Cameron's car trouble. I don't have to worry about that for a while. I hope it will all get sorted out.

We have a lot of people right now that are fairly new investigators,
but we also have some people really close to baptism with just a few
small things stopping them. If we can get those problems out of the
way we will have a baptism anyday now.

So Like I said today was a crazy P-day. We decided to have a big Zone
Barbeque, to celebrate the end of the change. We all put in 5 bucks
and we bought....

15.5 pounds of Ground Beef
42 Buns
I made a double batch of Potato Salad
Lots of Chips and Drinks
I made Root Beer
and Cream Soda

There were 13 of us, needless to say we have extra meat leftover. I, of
course, was in charge of cooking everything. The potato salad turned
out great, I made it the other day so I wouldnt have to worry today.
Then last night I took 7 Kilos of Carne picada, and made a ton of
hamburger patties. Except when I started cooking them they didn't really
want to stick to together, I'm sure there is a trick that I didn't know
about. I just did ground beef, a little onion and salt and pepper.

Anyway clean up from this party is going to be a nightmare. I was cooking so everyone
went to the computers while i cooked now hopefully everyone is
cleaning while I use the computers.... Luckily I don't have to pack
anything. :)

Thats about it.... Hope everything is going great over there!

Elder Carlson

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