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Monday, January 30, 2012

After 10 Years Rosa Was Baptized!

Hey guys...

Well this week was really good, lots of problems, but in the end everything got worked out and Rosa got BAPTIZED!!!!

Rosa, in white.  The little girl is Valentina who was recently baptized.  The other girl is a cousin.

Rosa Cardozo, She had been investigating the church for about 10 years.... yeah, She almost always was living with someone without being married. She has had the desire to be baptized for a long time but when she wasnt breaking the law of chastity she never was around the missionaries, for some reason the missionaries only ever found her when she couldnt get baptized. Anyway after years and years of
waiting, She finally got baptized!

I'm sure there is a large list of missionaries that were waiting for this day. I have been working with her for about 5 months, my whole time here in Asamblea.  
Her daughter Valentina got baptized the week
before I arrived.

Anyway, our zone and my district had a fantastic month, As a zone we baptized 21 this month which is awesome because before that the best month we had had was 16, when I was here in Florida zone for the first time we were baptizing like 5 or 6 as a zone and they were mostly mine..... The zone has exploded, In My district every companionship
completed their goal. Its amazing.

We don't have any baptism planned for this week but we are going to give it 100% and see who is prepared to be baptized this Sunday.

This Alba, the little old lady we baptized last week.

Ím really enjoying being around the elders in my house. I get along great with my comp and it's fantastic being back together with Bush! Guex is hilarious, broke but hilarious. Wow we are all broke right 
about now - end of the month. We were hoping that we would have our monthly money today a few days early but it didn't come and I have to go to Montevideo today to sign immigration papers finally. I'm super illegal here. Anyway my comp has no money and I have to spend my last 500 pesos to get us both down and back. I'm going to have to use my card to buy food down there and McDonalds :)

Anyway everything is going great, glad to hear the Cam and Riley are doing well.  That sounds uncomfortable about dad's checkup. I hope everything goes well with Spencer's test, and I forgot to wish Whitney a happy birthday even though she even wrote me a letter last week. Sorry Whit. If it's any consolation on the 24 I actually remembered it
was your birthday!

Love you all!
Elder Carlson

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