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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Family,
HaHa, that's amazing. I can't believe that Paul and Jared are already home.... That means Zac Harmon must be coming up any day now.

Wow, I That's really awesome about Christian Peterson, I didn't even think about how he would be doing. How are the other young men?  Who is going to be the next missionary?

About what you said mom, I'm not sure where you got that idea, maybe I don't express myself very well through email. It's hard to guess what tone of voice I am using when I say these things... but for real, I'm doing great, I really love Florida, I love the house I'm in and I love the elders I am here with..... I actually was thinking about what it would be like to stay for a 5th change. I promise you don't have to worry at all.

So this week we had a Baptism! It wasn't Rosa like we were thinking at the beginning of the week because she couldn't come to church this week. It was Alba Carbal. She is awesome. She is a lady about 65 years old. Super stud. She arrived at church before everyone. She even came this week in the pouring rain. About a fourth of the members showed up. We had very few problems with her, but quite a few problems with the baptismal font. We filled it half way with kinda cold water with buckets using the faucets from the bathrooms. At the same time a member was trying to fix it. He was able to get it mostly fixed and we finished filling it with warm water.  I was really worried because I didn't want Alba to have to go into the cold water. She is a little old and she has had two heart attacks before.....  Anyway everything worked out in the end. She is awesome.

So recently because of the heat inside of our house we ahve started to sleep outside. Its nice. Nice and cool.  Today im going to try to make that bean dip, They don't have refried beans here. I'm going to invent.

I hope everything is going well!


Elder Carlson

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