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Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Area... Melilla, Estaca Norte

Dear Family,
Yes I remember chicken spaghetti.  Don't you worry mother, I will never forget your food. I tried making a cheap off brand of that casserole once, it didn't turn out good so I didn't say anything.
Sounds like things are pretty normal and busy at home, thats good....
The family that we found is doing really well, Sofia the youngest daughter got baptized this Sunday, The rest of the family is progressing as well, a little slower than her but they are great. It's too bad that I'm not going to be around to see their baptism.

That's right, me voy, my comp is staying and training a new elder.  I'm am leaving and going to an area called Melilla, Estaca Norte. Its in Montevideo, my first time going to the big city.  It's going to be a change. Also a little twist was thrown in. I'm going to be training again! but this time I'm doing a "White Wash" because neither of us know the area.  That is going to bring some new challenges.
I'm excited, its going to be interesting. There are 20 new elders coming to the mission so there are a lot of people training.  There is an elder coming from from New Zealand and another one from Australia.  I have been packing all morning it's been crazy. I'm going to miss Florida but I'm also ready to go.  
Other than that it has been a pretty normal week.
Oh yes, ALBA, our convert from 4 weeks ago is a stud! She went to the temple the other day and did baptisms for the dead with the ward! She loved it, she is growing a ton spiritually, she is super faithful, ever since we met her she has fufilled her commitments, she always is the first person at church every Sunday, she is just a stud!
Anyway I hope all is well!
Elder Carlson :)
P.S. Could you please email these talks in english AND spanish :)
"Saftey for the soul" Elder Holland Nov 09
"Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" Elder Kevin Pearson May 09

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