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Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Segura from Chile

So I'm down here in Montevideo and my new companion is.....Elder Segura!
He is from Chile, Santiago to be precise. He is brand spankin new. He talks really chileno. It's actually kind of hard to understand him sometimes. He will just randomly drop off some letters in the middle of a word and he talks really fast and uses words that are exclusive to Chile. But he is really cool, he is a bigger guy, funny. He is going to be a good missionary. Also, Elder Francis, my first "oro" is also training! His oro is from New Zealand!  We are in the same Zone as them so we will be seeing them once a week ish. It's fun.

So Melilla. It's a fairly small area, but they have a lot of members, the Ward is actually called Lezica, There are 4 elders for the Ward, so we only have half the ward. The memebers are studs, at least that's what it seems like so far. They have an attendence of about 130 so it's a lot bigger than normal.... How many people are in our ward? how many are active? I have been asked so many times but I never know what to say.  So they are working to split the ward. They are pretty close to being able to do it and only need a little more priesthood on our side of the ward.

So this week was really different. White Washes are weird. The two elders that were here before us were both in their last transfer so they are in there houses now. They kinda got tired at the end of their missions and slowed down quite a bit.... There weren't exactly investigators when they left..... that was new. But that didn't slow us down.  We looked through the area book and wrote down the name of every single former investigator that had been to church and started visiting them. We also had meetings to get to know the bishop and ward mission leader. They are really good, they actually work here and that is going to be helpful. We ended up doing a lot of contacts this week and we were able to find 4 new investigators, and we were even able to help one to come to church this Sunday, a real miracle.

Anyway we still have a long way to go to make this a normally progressing area, we are still just walking around in the street talking to people and knocking on doors the greater part of the day because we don't have very many future investigators or progressing investigators.

That's awesome that Whitney got into BYU!!!! So she is going to start in summer?

I hope Spencer's ankle is getting better, we don't want a Bryan Gurney infection starting!

That's good that cameron sold again. Is Spencer going to sell for a little bit too?

That's about it for today, I don't have my camera with me because we went to downtown Montevideo today to do medical checks for elder Segura.

Oh ya and my area is a suburb, there aren't any tall buildings or anything, it's like a 1 hour bus ride or 30 min car ride from downtown.


Elder Carlson

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