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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday February 6, 2012

Hey Fam!

So ya about the looking taller thing, I know I haven't grown at all, I'm guessing I'm going to be pretty disappointed when I get back to america.  I am relatively tall in comparison here, or at least above average.

I cannot believe that Zac is home now too. Am I really the next one? That is a scary thought. Speaking of Zac makes me think about Portuguese... I haven't really made it a focus, I'm still working on my Spanish, but I have managed to learn quite a few things in Portuguese. One thing that would be very nice, I want a Portuguese grammar book. We have a Spanish grammar book called "The ULTIMATE Spanish Grammar Review" something like that, it's for Intermediate to advanced. If you could find "The ULTIMATE Portuguese Grammar Review" I would love to have one.

I don't know when you are planning to send another box but when you do I would like that book, also I am out of those dental floss pics that you sent me last time I could use some more :) And while you're at it,  any Chinese food sauces are welcome.  I don't need soy sauce, but I would love teriyaki and orange chicken sauce. And candy is always welcome.

Thanks :)

Well this week was really hot.... really humid. Last monday I had to go to Montevideo it was ok except that I spent all the money I had left. Luckily we are started a new month - new month, new money.

So we have a few investigators right now. We have they guy named Juan, he is 20. He is a normal Uruguayan youth, Lots of tattoos, he smokes, he likes soccer. But unlike most Uruguayan youth he also likes talking to the mormons about God:)
He is a kinda quiet kid but he's cool. We have had a few lessons with him and he has been reading and praying and he really wants to get baptized. We still have quite a few obstacles but I think we can do it. He told us the other day that he really wanted to come to church, unfortunately he didn't come yesterday, we passed by his house to get him and his family said he hadn't come home yet.... We will see how that goes. It's going to take some changes, mostly social changes, but he seems like he really wants to change and be happier.

We really need to find some new people. Some of the investigators that we have aren't progressing but that is fairly normal. Just have to keep refreshing the pool of investigators.

Welp. Thats about all. In general everything is going well. :)

Love Elder Carlson!

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