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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sebastian's Getting Baptized!

Dear Family,
No box so far, but I'm sure it will arrive sometime.
That was a great picture mom,  nice snooping :)

For Mother's Day - I'm almost positive 2 o clock your time will work. 5 o clock my time.

I think google+ will work, you go ahead and jump on my account  and add everyone as a friend and everything.... that way when I jump on it on Sunday I won't have to do any of that.

So Sebastian will be baptized this week! :) We announced his baptism and he is all ready!
We talked to the Relief Society and got him some clothing and I gave him a tie so now he looks really sharp in church.... Here's a picture of him:

Ya it was a really good Sunday, I think maybe for the first time in my life I enjoyed my fast. Not that I wasn't hungry, I just enjoyed it. I think it helped that I studied the law of the fast on Sunday. Isaiah 58 is a great chapter about fasting.  

I am really scatterbrained, thinking about a lot of stuff right now. Anyway thats about all I can think about....

Today we decided to do something fun. There is a homeless man that stays near our house and we all ways see him and he talks to us every once and a while. He is a religious man and has a lot of faith in God despite his dificult circumstances. Today was are going to make lunch and go and eat with him in the park. It's a nice day and we have had the idea for a while. It's going to a nice experience.

Other that that I think I will clean and make some bread or something. Yesterday night I made a apple crumble it was very delicious:

Love you guys. Talk to you Sunday!

Elder Carlson

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