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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Church is our Bathroom Now!

Dear Family,
Thanks for the picture of Spencer and Hannah!

Don't worry about last week's letters mom,  you mostly just distracted me Monday. I forget things quickly.

That's nice about Cameron's car.... We just have to have it happen with the sentra now right before i get home.

So ya I talked to Pres. He told me that I would have to talk to the new mission president aobut it because pres da silva wont be here. He also said it was my decision. He expressed his opinion. I am not going to make a decision until the new pres gets here. but I'm going to keep my options open. So I talked to pres about registration and I'm going to register just in case, for normal Fall classes. As if I were for sure going to enroll for fall semester. I can always drop or change them later. 

Anywyay this week was good. Just so you know my fingers are really cold so that's why there are so many spelling errors. 

Its getting cold here. Not full force yet but it's definitely chilly. Still no news about the new house. News about the old house:  the bathroom broke..... we are using the church's bathroom. So the church is our bathroom now! Hopefully this will be the last week of that.

Yesterday we had a Family home evening with the family of Sebastian. It was really good. We watched the Restoration video. I made brownies. They are good people.... The suprising thing from the night. The mother.... she is a little bit crazier.... She told us that she had given up drinking. Smoking is a bigger problem for her but it's still big progress.

Sebastian is really excited for his baptism. He has told all his neighbors. 

We are really working hard on finding new investigators... We have found lots of people but they have a hard time turning into real real investigators. 

Okay now the good stuff.....Mothers day

May 13th. We will be doing the Skype video call for Mothers day. I want you guys to tell me the times when you can do it.... also tell me the time change i think it's only three hours right now.... for example it's almost 11 o clock here, then it would be 8 o clock  over there.... I'm guessing that dad will not be there? maybe he will. Oh well if not he will just have to wait the extra 4 months to see me.
We have church from 9-12 (6-9 your time.) figure it out and tell me what you guys want to do!

I got a letter form Kylie! she sent me a 1 dollar or peso bill from guatemala. sounds like she is doing well.

That's all for now

love Elder Carlson!

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