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Monday, July 2, 2012

Moldy Clothes - Please Help!

Dear Family,
So this week was pretty good. I got to talk to the new mission president yesterday.  I called him up to see if I could do my temple recommend interview because mine is almost expired and to talk to him about my return date. He said he would probably be coming around with in the next couple of weeks to have interviews with each elder. I explained the situation with the coming home in time for school and he responded really differently than President da Silva.  He just kinda took it like it was my decision. So I probably will be coming home in time to start Fall semester at BYU and that means I would be home for Spencer's wedding too.  He said...I just dont know what we would do to fill your spot with your companion... I explained what they have done in the past and he said, "alright we will work it out, today is like my 2nd day so i still don't know how to do everything." He sounds like a really good guy, He asked me where I was from and some other stuff, seems like he will be a good president.  I still don't know the exact date but I will let you know as soon as I know.

One question I have: is there any way to prevent mold from growing on clothing? Our new house has a downside, it's really humid so all the walls are growing mold and now my clothing as well. It makes me so mad because I dont know a  way to prevent it. We are going to go at the walls today cleaning with bleach. maybe do a little research to see if there is a prevention methods for clothing or rooms or walls or something....

We have found some pretty good investigators recently but the thing we are more excited about is the work that some of the members are doing with some friends they have.  There are a couple of members that have people that are ready to hear the gospel so we hopefully will be able to put some stuff in motion this week.  The only bad thing is that the members are always kinda go slow and you have to be pushing them along but it always gives better results.

That sounds interesting about Girls Camp, I'm glad it was a good experience anyway...
I had no idea Phil was getting married, that's great!

I think that's about all I have to say for this week. It was been rainy and humid and kinda cold the last few days.... Oh ya I have an Australian living in our house- that's different. They have a bunch of funny words.... Oatmeal isn't oatmeal its Musely, and sweatpants are trackpants or trackydacks for short. A bunch of funny stuff like that....

Also shout out to Andy Chapman,  thank you for the letter and the update about the guys, all very interesting. We will have to see how everything plays out with our little gang.

Anyway.... that's all for now!

Elder Carlson

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