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Monday, February 14, 2011

An Ambulance for Maria

 Elder Luke and I, we swapped ties.... I really liked that blue tie too.....


First I'll answer you question about the speaker.   Here in Uruguay and in many other countries they use a different voltage of power, 220.  But in America we use 110, so if you plug in a normal thing from America to the wall in Uruguay it fries it. Some things are made to work on both. Like my shaver and camera, and my speaker!!!!! Anyway thanks, I'm actually going to see if I can buy an adapter or something so I can plug in my dvd player.... we will see. Doubt it though.

So I got the letter from Elder Funk that you forwarded, Thanks!
I also got a letter from the Gillands, and Jen, just so they know! Thank you.

My new comp. is from Orem, UT/ Sonora, Mexico. He is pretty much white as can be, not really mexican at all. He speaks fluent English and Spanish, and has lived his life half in Mexico and half in America. He has been in the mission for a year and four months. Oh ya his name is Elder Pesqueira.

Its awful, we haven't really seen Olga and Alfredo pretty much all week. I swear it seems like they would rather abandon their house then have to talk to us. It's not weird or anything when we do see them but they are gone so much I'm starting to feel like they are avoiding us.

We resurrected some old investigators and ended up bringing them to church. One of them is a really old lady named, what else but, Maria! She was fine in our class second hour, but then she walked out into the hallway and collapsed. The weird thing is we didn't even notice. But of course other people did. They called an ambulance... then all the investigators we had at church went with her.... we will see how that goes.

oh ya I found a photo album, but you can still send the other one. oh and I also thought of something I want you to buy for me, its called perfect pushup mobile unit. Elder Luke had one and we used it every day, but now he is gone and my morning exercise routine is totally thrown off. It's propbably like 30 bucks, just use my checks. Then if you are up to it. send it in a padded envolope, its way way cheaper, just those two things, it should be like 15 bucks to send it.

I think thats about it. oh yes, Elder Reese is the other elder in my house.  He got an new comp who is brand new. The other day I took him on a companion exchange. It was fun, especially since I remember very well how it is to be in his position- Spanish wise. haha The faces he makes when someone asks him something in Spanish are classic. He also knows Elder Bendtschenider from the CCM.

That's all for now!

Elder Carlson

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