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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Letter from Elder Pearson

Hey mom!

Everthing is going good down here.

So I got a letter from my good friend Elder Pearson. He is in Brazil and I haven't heard from him up until now!

Other than that. We have 9 people with dates for baptism right now:

1.  Claudia, 20 year old girl that has a 3 month old kid. She is really willing to learn and accept the commandments but she still hasn't come to church, she always finds last minute excuses.

2 and 3.  Patricia and her daughter. They live right next door to Richard and Axel, and they have talked to missionaries before.

4 and 5.  Las Marias, they are doing good but they didn't make it to church this week either.

6 and 7.  Dayana and Alejandro, they are a miracle!  Dayana's mom just barely got baptized and they are super excited to learn and get baptized too. We will see how it goes.

8.  Jissel, we will see how she turns out but she does like learning and has accepted a baptismal date.

9.  Sabrina, she has a little baby and is living with her boyfriend but they are going to get married in August. So she has a little time.

Anyway other than that everything is going great. Just really busy is all. Next change, (the 22 of March) I get my awesome scripture cases. I will send you a pic. I have pretty much ran out of things to say.

Elder Carlson!

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