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Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Branch is Awesome!

Dear Mom,

Thanks so much for the package work, sounds like its coming along nicely. Don't forget that candy is always welcome too. If you send it in a padded envolope its a lot cheaper. Keep that in mind.

So our branch is awesome. We are in a branch, and a district. We have quite a few members but much less active. I'm guessing around 50 active. We have some real studs of leaders, our president is awesome. We have quite a few good leader type people I think more than normal, but we can always use more obviously....

We still have like 8 or 9 people progressing towards baptism, but only 2 went to church..... fantastic. It's alright they can repent.

This Wednesday we are going to a leadership meeting in Montevideo, should be good. I really like the meetings we have had with Presidente so far.

I remember one time you telling me some news story about some guys making a really stripped down simple laptop, and I think you said it had something to do with Uruguay, do you remember the details of that story, because every single kid in this country has a little green laptop, every one. its kinda weird.

I'm really having a hard time thinking of stuff to tell you guys!

I guess thats all for now....

Love Elder Carlson!

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