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Monday, February 7, 2011

Elder Pesqueda

Dear Family,

My comp is leaving me! haha I’m getting a different comp named Elder Pesqueda, from the name you can tell he is Latino, so looks like my Spanish is going to get a lot better quick! That’s good. I think he’s actually from Utah although, he is a Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish and English, we will see though, it should be good.

My comp is heading to be Zone leader in Montevideo, we actually found out early because he is going to be zl so we have had a little extra time to say goodbye, but it’s still going to be crazy today, we are basically giving up our pday so he can say goodbye to everyone. We are going to Montevideo tomorrow, but we aren’t going to the big bus station, (tres cruces or three crosses) because it caught on fire like a month back and its still under construction. It’s going to be weird without my good ole trainer around. We will see how I like it. Oh and the other two elders in my house are changing. One is staying and getting an oro, (gold) in other words a trainee! Should be fun, he will know elder Bendtschneider.....

I got the package!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! It was fantastic, you know how I was worried about not getting it for a while cause of changes.... they actually sent it early, all by its self, on Wednesday,  I got it Thursday, really unexpected, fantastic, but unexpected.  You did a fabulous job with the ipod, I love it!  So do my roommates!  One huge huge huge huge huge benefit that I’m guessing you didn’t even realize when you sent it is that you can use the speaker without a converter! It doesn’t sound like a huge deal but it is. The converters really stink, they get super hot really fast and you aren’t supposed to use them for long periods of time! Very pleasant surprise. The only bad thing I noticed is that I can’t plug my dvd player into the speaker, its not a huge deal, but it would have been nice for playing cds and stuff. But like I said it’s not a huge deal.

Good choice on the candy, me alegro mucho. Nice call with the peanut butter, I wasn’t sure if you were going to send any this time but I’m really glad you did, we are actually making no bake cookies with a family tonight for family home evening. Oh yes the grape drink you sent in those little cup like things, two of them broke open in transit and because of the humidity stuck to a bunch of stuff, the other ones are fine and they tasted delicious, I think I only have one left.  I used the water proof spray, we will see how well it works, it actually rained a little the night I used it so I hope it didn’t mess it up or anything. Oh yes and the ping pong paddle - perfect, I used it today! Thanks again!

I don’t have time for pictures today, but next week I will send some of my new comp!

That’s all for now.

Elder Carlson

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