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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bunch of My Stuff Was Stolen!

Dear Family,
Wow you guys are so lucky. It's actually really nice weather right now. Not too hot. 33 is doing good, except with the seasons changing everyone is getting sick, including me. I've got a sore throat and stuffy nose and stuff. Anyway, we had a fairly good week. I think I told you last week that we moved out of our house last pday and we are living with the zone leaders and another companionship, all six of us in one house, it's not crowded but we get distracted really easily. Oh and we have to bike even farther to get into our area. Work is going good, we have 7 baptismal fechas which is the most for our zone. 33 isn't a very high baptizing area, but it's definitively not the worst. Oh yes and dad was asking about the baptizing in Uruguay... ya Mexico does baptize quite a bit more than us. The goal as a mission is to have every companionship baptize one person each week. Its not impossible but very few people are doing it. and almost no one is doing that consistently from area to area. So you get an idea, I have baptized the most so far out of the group that I came with. 10, My mtc comp hasn't baptized yet and there are a few others with 3 and 4 ish. So I've been blessed I guess. I haven't gotten any lazy comps to drag around yet so that's good. 

So for right now we have Romina, Juan, and Lorean planned for the 23 and possibly Maria and Sandra too. All are people we have been teaching for a while now except Lorean, she is brand new as of yesterday. She is a friend of Romina.  Romina's entire family are members because Romina's mom just recently got re married and baptized.... And Lorean's family are all member that are inactive, so hopefully we can use their baptisms to spark some interest again in the family. oh yes so yesterday in church Lorean just came up to us and told us she wants to be baptized, and it just so happened that we were going to be having lunch with Rominas family who Lorean was staying with, so when we went over for lunch she started asking us when we can baptize her.... That was the first time that had happened to my comp but it wasn't for me. haha

Anyway, the entire Zone of 33 didnt get a single baptism the entire month of March, which is really bad. but we should get going here in the next few weeks, I'm not worried. 

Dad, I loved your Spanish advice. haha, and using Mijo is a total mexican thing to do, they don't really say that here. anyway, so you know.  In our current house of six, five are from america, and just so you know English is way more fun to talk in. But my brain has already made a switch. For example, I can no longer sing a hymn in English, if I'm out in the streets talking my brain won't let me talk english to anyone except my companion. that is a funny one because the owner of our apartment always talks to us in English and its super hard to talk back with out using at least Spanglish. Also I have already had quite a few Spanish dreams. Last night I had one where I was in Provo actually on third south and ninth east and I dont know why but I was talking Spanish to someone.... oh ya my first Spanish dream I ever had all I did was order a pizza over the phone. haha

I can't believe school is already out for cameron at least. Does byui end earlier than byu normal? We will see how cams selling skills turn out. Really all he needs to do is what they tell him in the training meetings and then not be lazy and he will make plenty of money. the trick is the lazy part. 

Anyway, some bad news.... So on Saturday between the hours of 3:30pm and 9:00 pm my iPod and my Perfect Push ups got stolen.... We dont know by who or how because our house was locked and everthing was normal. The really weird thing is that both of those things were just sitting on my desk. Also on my desk in plain sight was my camera and my DVD player and my walet. two feet away was my comps desk with an ipod and dvd player and other things. And in other rooms there were speakers, DVD players, money, MP3 players, and other various expensive and steal-able items. The strangeness of the situation leads us to assume things that we dont want to be true, specifically about the one non american living in the house. Whatever the case is it isn't a huge deal, I got the iPod for free, I'm actually more mad about the Perfect pushups being gone. Anyway if they turn up or  we find out more I will let you know,  but for right now you don't have to do anything about it.  

Anyway, Have fun in Mexico, be safe and don't let dad speak Spanish to anyone..... hahah

Love Elder Carlson!

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