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Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey Family and Friends....

Well, This week was pretty fun, its kinda hard for me to remember what I told you last week, and honestly I am already forgetting what happened this week. The days are just meshing and flying by. Time is really starting to fly.

So this week we are only going to be having one baptism, but that's ok because the rest will shortly follow. We went to bed on Saturday with it raining a little and when we woke up it started pouring! When we left for church it was still coming down really hard, I got all bundled up in my newly waterproofed rain coat, with my huge goretex boots that i brought, and i even tried out my gloves i brought for the winter. Anyway the waterproofing spray worked really well and i didn't get wet at all on my body, my pants got completely soaked, completely, and the boots worked really really well until water started entering in from the top, but I'm very satisfied overall, the gloves got wet fairly fast, i think I'm going to try waterproofing them. Anyway, when it rains on Sunday, members don't really come to church, let alone investigators. So we ended up having 1 of the 7 investigators that we were hoping to see. There were so few members at the start that they combined Priesthood, Relief Society, and YM/YW all together. But by the time Sacrament came around, we have that last, there were a few more members there. The rain was crazy, it flooded all the streets with like 4 inches or so, in the worse parts there was a rushing river of like 6 inches going.

Anyway its starting to cool down, I guess from what the other missionaries have been telling me the worst part about winter is that it rains a ton and you can never get your stuff dry. There is an Elder in the house we are living in that last winter he washed all his garments and he couldn't dry them so he ended up wearing the same pair of garments for two weeks.... that's a little extreme but I'm not really looking forward to it.

So the other day we were walking around contacting houses and we saw a guy carrying a big PVC pipe with cotton candy sticking out of it. I had no idea that Uruguayans even knew what cotton candy was. So we bought some, it was 10 pesos per bag, like 50 cents. It was on a small piece of bamboo for the stick to hold it. It was fairly similar to normal cotton candy but it had a little bit of a weird after taste.

So about the theft, We found out later in the day, last P-day after I wrote you that my comps camera had been stolen too, and that another guy's completely broken camera had been stolen too. We talked to our neighbors and they said they saw someone run out of our house and run away the day of the robbery, so we know for sure now it wasn't any of the elders. We went to the police station and filed a report just in case. Really the only chance we have at finding our stuff is going to the Feria, its like a street market kinda thing, and looking for it. We are actually going today.... we will see.... It really stinks for my comp because all of his pictures from his entire mission were on that camera.... I'm actually going to try to back up my photos to a DVD today....

This change is flying by, we are already half way done. Oh and one of the elders today mentioned that in like three Sundays from now we call for mothers day! That is really crazy. Time is just flying by. I never have time to write letters, Sorry to everyone if i haven't written back, I get really confused and forget if I'm waiting for a reply or if I'm supposed to be writing back.....

Thats all for now!

Love Elder Carlson

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