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Monday, April 25, 2011

I had a Guitar For Two Days

A lake near where we live
Hey Family,

Well you never told me Chuck Bush died, that’s really too bad. 

So to answer your questions:

To celebrate Easter in Uruguay, first they celebrate Holy Week, it’s also called Turismo, like tourism. So basically it’s just a party. They had a huge, huge, street market/Festival thing down by the river near 33. They pretty much do the same things as America, and they use eggs too but I don’t think they use the Easter Bunny. 
Cotton Candy! 
My scripture case

Our sketchy staircase in our old house

An Emu


We didn’t find our stuff.... so it’s probably gone for good. I still haven’t decided what I want to do about it..... 

And no the apartment wasn’t unlocked, but there was a little utility box that had a spare key in it, so they must have used that. 

Yes I bought something.... long story actually....
So what happened was, First off my trainer elder Luke had a ukulele and he was teaching me some stuff on it... then we he left and Pesqueira came in he was always talking about his comps that played guitar and learned so much on the mission, and then one day Elder Reese and I were running in the morning and we passed this music store and I saw a guitar and it was only 75 bucks, so I said to myself hey, why not buy this guitar and start learning how to play guitar, because we always had time after planning at night that we just sat around. Anyway I did it. Bought a guitar and a little book of basics, then two days later  Elder Pesqueira and I went to the Leadership conference, and the day before that was a meeting for the Zone Leaders, and in the zone leader meeting they received a letter from the Area President, which is the guy above the mission president, anyway he made a new rule saying that we can’t have any type of instrument in the house. So all the missionaries with instruments had to sell them. So I bought a guitar and two days later had to get rid of it. Yeah.

Anyway I’m glad you guys had fun in Mexico, you should try to start feeling better, it’s not good to be sick. I was a little sick a week or so ago, and there is this one companionship, our zone leaders actually, who are just dying. They are sick with something new every day. We are still living in their house and there has been no news on our new house. 

Also if Cameron wants to he can by my paint balling stuff for $200.

Also they have us give talks here in our ward every month. so I have already given 2, they were my first real talks since I have been in Uruguay. 

I'm just about out of time! 

Elder Carlson

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