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Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear Family,

Cambios!..... No me quedo....Me Voy! 

So I am leaving 33, Im going to Minas, 2B I think..... It's on the same route as 33, so there is a good chance that they will just drop me off on the way down to Montevideo, I would like to go all the way to Montevideo because then I get to see all my missionary buddies... oh well. 

Elder Moffitt is staying for a 4th change, its actually really weird that I'm leaving and he is staying, especially because he has an extra half of a change because he had to get special changed in because before there was a disobedient elder. By the end of next change he will have 6 and a half months in 33, that is a lot of time.....

My new comp is named Elder Nero, He is a real Latino, not like Elder Pesqueira, He is from Honduras, I don't think he speaks any English, and he has like 4 months on the mission. So I'm the big senior comp now. So much responsibility.... hahah, I think this is his oro area (First area in the mission)

One cool thing is that I'm going to be in a four elder house with Elder Lythgoe who started the mission with me, it should be fun, he is a great elder, and we actually share the branch, it's a really big area so they have four elders in one branch instead of the normal 2.

I'm excited to change even though I really like 33 and the area is really starting to pick up, when Elder Moffitt first got here it was pretty dead, partly because of the aforementioned disobedient elder.... But they should have a great change here, he is getting my old mtc comp Elder Spilsbury! This will be his third comp from my group (Sasselli, Me, Spilsbury). its kinda funny.

So I don't know where the Davidsons are originally from, I know sister Davidson was born in Brigham City UT, But I do know they have lived in Texas a lot, Houston, and San Antonio. 

No fun plans for this P-Day, just packing......

Also Saturday night I went to bed, I didn't feel sick really but I felt something like maybe I might get sick, I was actually thinking what might happen if I just started puking in the night. Anyway I didn't start puking thank Goodness. But I didn't sleep at all that night. I woke up at 230 with a bad fever, I got a drink and tried to go back to bed, around 430 I was still awake and my comp kinda moved around in his bed so I called his name, I guess it woke him up, he grabbed my thermometer and I had a fever of 102.5. I didn't sleep good the rest of then night and ended up staying home almost all day, I missed church, Moffitt went on intercambios so he could go. I only went out for about 40 minutes around 6 o clock so we could get our contacts in for the day. It was miserable, I still don't feel ship shape, but my fever is gone, now its just a headache and a typical south American case of the runs.... I do feel a lot better though.

Also, Sunday night we came home after the contacting that we did and Mofffitt locked the door because the door knob is kinda broken so it swings open sometimes. The other Elders weren't there yet. Anyway, they arrived and went to unlock the door but it wouldn't unlock, They thought we were playing some joke blocking the door or something so they started banging on the door which wasn't cool because I had a terrible migraine at the time, anyway turns out the lock broke, so Moffitt and I were trapped inside and They were trapped outside.... Obviously since I'm in the Ciber right now writing you an email we got it fixed, but it was a nightmare, it took like an hour and a half to find someone and get them to come over to fix it. Just another Joy of living in this country :)

Wow, Kylie is going to be gone before you know it! Zach White too... Have any other boys in the ward done anything with mission papers? 

That's about it for this week. I will tell you about my new area next week.
I have heard really good things about it though!

Love Elder Carlson

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