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Monday, June 27, 2011


Monday June 27, 2011
Dear Family,
Wow,  the trip to D.C. sounds like fun, I would have loved to be there at kate's wedding! The temple is something we take for granted, it's not that far from us here in Uruguay, but I miss it a lot, I wish I would have had more time to go before I left Provo, and it would have been  nice if we had the temple open at  the MTC in Argentina.  And it would be nice if we got to go more as missionaries.... I think we go about once a year is all. They went the week before I entered the mission field so it's going to be a little while till I get to go....

I never knew that Beth got married in the DC temple, and I never realized, never really thought about you getting sealed to your parents... weird.

I got over my sickness, but now I'm sick again but just with a normal cold, sore throat a little cough, and congestion. But its not too bad,  I should be getting over it soon.... The thing is that it's been really bad weather here. We are getting into some real winter..... It has been rainy and cold, but more than anything windy, which makes rain and cold like 10 times worse. We got soaked Sunday after church walking to lunch, we actually ran part way because we were late, but it was really far and the wind and rain was too strong for umbrellas, oh well, today is dry thank goodness...

Hot chocolate was one of the things written down that I wanted you to send me! I like the mint truffle kind :) Also if there is a way to send me Cheddar cheese, they don't have it here and I love it.....

Elders Lythgoe, Erwin, and Mero

Speaking of food...The other day we made fajitas! they turned out really good, we did it with chicken, and just recently there is a company that sells tortillas- like real tortillas! they are expensive but yummy! WE made it with like a spanish rice, it turned out really good! We are going to be cooking more often than my other changes so I am going to try some of those recipes you sent and I want a few more.... Oh and we made ham fried rice the other day too and it turned out really good. Now I just need to learn how to make egg rolls.....

I would like the recipe for:
Apple Pie

Magleby's syrup
Chocolate crinkles :)

And anything else that you think might be fun to try.  I still haven't seen sour cream or cream of chicken soup but I will keep looking!
Also you might want to send me some Cream of Tartar so I can make bettter quality snicker doodles, I tried once, but we only had brown sugar (they sell that here!) and no cream of tartar... they still tasted okay, but enough about food!

Anyway, about the area.... Its huge!!!!!!!! Its pretty much all city, we have a down town area in our section, lots of people, We don't have a ton of investigators right now but the best are:

Diego: He is 14 and his Mom, (remarried) joined the church with her new husband about 8 months ago, They had tried to get him to listen to the missionaries before but he was not doing it just because they said he needed to, but now he has opended up a ton and has come to church 3 times already! We are hoping to baptize him july 9th

Claudio and Laura: The biggest problem with them is its hard to schedule times to meet with them. Claudio has been investigating for a while but his wife just started, He has gone to church 3 times as well and his wife hasnt gone yet, they have a lot of potential if we can start having more lessons, he is really smart. they are both like 25 years old

Pablo and Silvia: 45 ish years old, Silvia has come to church but Pablo hasnt, we will have to see if they end up progressing and doing the things that they know they should like get baptized!

So we are looking for a new casa to live in... we found a nice one that would work perfect, hopefully we get it in time. We are going to call about it today to get the wheels in motion....

I told you my comp doesn't speak any English right? haha it's funny, he really  wants to learn, so instead of studying Spanish during language study I practice teaching English!  It's interesting. I get along with him just fine so far, but  i have noticed a few weird things that he does. He is from Equador so he is just dying from the cold, speaking of cold my fingers are really cold.... Also I started using the sleeping bag you got for me. The first night I almost died sweating. but now I got it figured out. It works perfect. The reason I got it out is because another elder didn't have a blanket.  Pretty much he had just a tiny one that they give to all the missionaries. so I gave him the extra I had.  Now i just have my tiny one and my sleeping bag and it works perfect!.

Wow! Kylie is leaving already! That is so crazy! I will try to write her a letter for when she gets to El CCM en Guatemala! Does she speak any spanish? if I remember correctly she took it in highschool or something! I'm sure she will pick it up quick.

Anyway. Thats about all for this week!

Love you guys!

Elder Carlson

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