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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Family,

Well yup, I'm not a teenager anymore....

So today I was expecting a nice relaxing pday, we were going to get elder Erwin a haircut and do a little letter writing and fix some stuff in the house, like rig up our indoor laundry lines, but hey, you don't always get what you want. Last night when we were talking to the district leader he told us that we would be going to Montevideo (Again) today to sign immigration paperwork. The weird thing is that he said Elder Erwin would be doing it and not me. Its weird because I still haven't done it and I have been here longer than elder Erwin. Oh well I'm an illegal. Also its going to be horrible like last pday because we don't need to be there until 2 o clock. So we have to leave here in like a half of an hour at like 11:15. Its about a two hour bus ride from Minas to Montevideo. Then we will be there for about an hour or two and come home and probably arrive around 6, Just in time to start working again. (Ya Preparation day is really only preparation 8 hours.... I was a little disappointed to find that out in the CCM). So it's another pday down the drain.... at least the normal ciber is working today. Some of the cibers down here have the worst excuses for computers. But luckily the ciber we normaly go to has really nice ones, the best in my mission so far!.....

So yes I am sending a pic of Angela's baptism, just this week we starting teaching her mother too. Emma. We have already put a date with her for her baptism. If Angela was made of Gold then Emma is a dingy silver. But it's silver none the less. I think she might smoke but we can work on that.

We had a lot of people in the capilla this week. Over 70. It's the most my comp has ever seen in one sacrament meeting on his mission. I have seen a little over 80. We had half of the recent converts, which is good, its normally like 25 percent. and we had 4 non members. Fredy, who is going to be baptized in October as soon as they get married. Emma, Angelas mom, Diego, the son of some memebers that we were teaching but then he said he didn't want to continue but then he came this week so who knows what he wants. and Daniel, another guy that is living with a member, they aren't married so he can't be baptized but he wants to be, because they are waiting on a divorce for the member lady because she got married in Brazil and it takes lots of time and is expensive. So we don't know about him. Marriage and divorce is like the worst posible thing as missionaries, The government has made everything a super long and painful expensive process. It's terrible. In Uruguay you can't be married in the temple. you have to get married on friday and then sealed the very next day. Its a giant pain.

But anyway things are going good. Its been really cold this week. and windy. and rainy. and it hailed once. Apparently some polar winds are blowing through or something and thats why its so cold and windy. its supposed to get better today i think but  who knows. they were actually prediction snow here the other day. but it didnt happen. we talked to a guy and he said it hasnt snowed here in like 20 years and that he has only seen it three times in his life.

So for my birthday we worked like normal....

But dont worry thats not all. haha We went to one of our investigators houses. Pablo and Silvia. justo Pablo's birthday is the same as mine. so Silvia made cup cakes with a meringue frosting and hot chocolate. It was nice. but it  ended up making me sick. Uruguayans are so stubborn they won't take no for an answer so I was forced to eat a ton.  I really did feel sick so we ended up going home about an hour early and I was just going to go to bed, but about an hour and a half after we got home a member came by our house to tell us that our district leader needed us to call President Da Silva because he was trying to get a hold of us. We still dont have a telephone in our new house. It's the mission financers fault. Anyway my comp woke me up and I got re dressed and we went over there and I called President. They started singing happy birthday in English to me. hahah it was funny, I'm not sure if it was worth getting woke up and re dressed and walking over there in the cold but hey. They were the only ones that sang to me so its ok. haha

So my comp sure didn't cheap out. He took a piece of paper from a members house and wrote "Happy Birthday, you're old, 20" yep.

Thats all for now!

Got to go to Montevideo!

Love Elder Carlson

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