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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Temple

Here's me on our last pday...I think we get to go inside in November.

Hey family!

Well things are going well down here in Uruguay... yes it's still winter and it rains more in winter than in summer.... anyway we are aproching "La Santa Rosa" it's about 7-10 days of straight rain. It happens every year for some reason about the end of August. That should be fun. 

Anyway... Lake Powell, wow that has already come and gone. that is strange it doesn't seem like I have been out here that long.... the elders in the group ahead of me, 6 weeks, have already hit their 1 year mark. that is weird. that means I am next. It definitely doesn't feel like a year already,  maybe a long six months but not a year.

ABout the EFY cds...I already have the Courage to Stand Strong, as well as, We Believe, Stand in the Light, and Shine the Light, Those are the only ones I have. I'm want the 2011 cd, maybe I will get it for Christmas. also you could send the Alex Boye cd. He sings in Motab but he has a cd too and i like it....
Oh yes my shoes are finally starting to die.... maybe I will send a pic later..... its not too bad yet. its only on the bottom.

I actually get along with my comp just fine. We don't have that much in common, we both like EFY music..... but thats not important. 

I'm struggling to remember what happended this week because it went by so fast. we had some lessons and we knocked some doors....  don't get me wrong it was good, but it was just pretty average....

Yesterday for lunch we went to the president of the ramas house, Villanueva, he has two kids, Agustina and Manuel. they are really funny. Agustina said to her mother, "Mom you aren't following the example of Jesus Christ because when Jesus was 33 he was skinny!" Also we convinced Agustina to ask her parents for world peace for dia de niƱo, day of the child. and Manuel is always doing something funny.

Side note. I don't know why but the latino elders always change the color of the text in their emails.... they never leave it black.

The investigators are doing good, a little slow at times but hey, we are expecting to baptize Angela this week! hopefully all goes well!

Well that's about it for now

Elder Carlson

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