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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to Florida!

Monday September 12, 2011

Dear Family,

For Real.... 10 years since 9-11 that's crazy.

Thats really cool about Bill and Karen. I´m not sure which ones they are but I'm sure I'd recognize them if I saw them. Are they the ones that we had Thanksgiving with? Are they going to learn Russian, or Ukrainian? I have a friend that just got home within a few weeks that went to Ukraine Russian speaking. It's crazy that people are already starting to go home. Andy Chapman is just around the corner and they Riley, Paul, Zac, and Jared are right there too.

Well i´m in Florida again..... Same house, same chapel, almost the same area. I really like it. It was really cool because we have church together, the two branches. I mean in the same building, not together. But I got to see a ton of people I know including converts, Not as many converts that I would have like to have seen but yeah, at least some of them are still going strong. I'm probably going to be going on a companion exchange this week with the zone leaders in my old area. We will have to see. We might be baptising this week and they might be too so we will a have to do some interviews.... we will see how it all turns out.

I like all the elders that live in my house. I'm not sure if I told you but I´m with Elder Villar, not Villard. He is from Santiago, Chile. This is his third change in the mission, 3 months and like a week. Pretty new but he is a really good missionary. In the same house we have the zone leaders ELder Guex and elder Baxter. Baxter is from Idaho and Guex is from Uruguay, he lives in the other mission thats why he is serving over here. He hasn't lived in the other mission his whole life, in fact he lived in Florida, Branch Estación for the first 17 years of his life. That's right he is serving in his home ward. His Grandma and two of his aunts live like two blocks away. The good thing is that they bring us food. And Elder Guex already knows everyone. so they are doing really well now.

Jordan with Elder Villar

So something pretty interesting happend here in my branch not yesterday but the Sunday before. I wasn't here yet, but one of the members got.... possessed....i spelled that wrong but you know what i mean.... like by a demon..... ya.... everyone has been talking about it. It's some one I know too. They used to live in Estacion but moved to Asamblea a while back. It's a pretty interesting story. I wish I would ahve been there. It would have been even more intersting. But they also think that it might just be that she is a skitzophrenic. Also don't know how to spell that but ok....

Thats about all for now.... Keep looking for the portuguese book.... I will complete a year of my mision this week.... that's weird....

Love Elder Carlson

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