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Monday, September 26, 2011


Dear Family,
We had two baptisms Saturday! Efraín and Rocio. Lots of little problems but nothing unsolvable.
Another friend of Rocio and two other recent converts told us that she wants to get baptized so we will see how that goes. Also yesterday an inactive family came to church, we had passed by them a few times and my comp and his former comp were trying really hard passing by really often and they never came. But yesterday they did! It's good news for us because their 9 year old daughter isn't baptized, and now wants to be!

I can't belive you cant find that book! Oh well.... any portuguese language learning book would be alright I guess. And maybe a Book of Mormon in Portuguese.  Other than that I'm good I think, maybe get Cameron to donate some ties too..... :) oh and maybe some Trident tropical twist..... ohhh and maple syrup.... if it fits..... sorry I don't need a big box.....

So I was sick most of this week. I still worked but I have a nasty cough. It's kinda going away. It was worse yesterday.... I asked Sister Da Silva what I could do to treat it and she told me that she has a book of natural remedys and it says that if you cut an onion in half and put it under your bed at night supposedly the smell helps to cure, or rather when you breath in onion air..... who knows I don't really want my clothing smelling like onions so I don't think I will try it.

I am super excited for conference! We will be watching it here in Florida. This is my second to last conference in the mission.... I wonder what the main topics are going to be this time. I hope it's super Second coming themed! that would be awesome. Maybe it will be super Marriage themed and it will motivate Spencer a little more..... So Hannah eh? You will have to snap a photo for me..... I'm suprised you got a name out of him.....

I don't have photos of the baptism on my camera but I will send some later.

Random request. Could you see if you could find a PDF or something of the translation of the names of the Spanish hymns, or rather I want a list of all the Spanish hymns organized by number (in the Spanish hymn book) and the English name and number.... it would be helpful. I know a lot of them but every once and a while we sing something crazy and I don't know what it is.....

Also if you could find a picture of Uruguay and Utah comparing the size. Like maybe the outlines of the two overlaping just to demonstrate the comparative size. I think uruguay is bigger but not by that much.... Make sure they are proportional.... :)

Thats about it.... Its beautiful weather here right now.... It looks like its going to be a very nice day....

Thats all...

Love Elder Carlson!

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