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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One-Year Mark

Dear family,
So do you know what today is? Today is the 19 of September. Exactly One year in the future I will be heading home on an airplane to Utah. Sept. 19, 2012. Go ahead and put it on the calender mom. hahah. so I completed a year on  the 16th. Didn't do anything special.  I bought some really expensive ice cream. It's normal priced for down here but in comparison to America it's really expensive. it was 9 dollars for 2 liters. Hey you don't hit 1 year every day.

Oh yes the xbox.... no its okay Spencer can use it for now. I know if anything happens to it he will replace it.

Also that is terrible about BYU losing..... oh well..... they will be better next year, hopefully.

That's too bad you are feeling sick mom. I am actually having the same symptoms too. Sore throat messed up ears, head ache, and my jaw hurt, that's a new one. I feel better today.
It's so weird that you guys are getting colder, going into fall. I´m getting more and more confused, it's starting to get really nice here. We did have some gray rainy type days Saturday and Sunday. but it's a lot nicer now. It always rains at the end of the week. I don't know why but I hate it. It makes people not want to go to church.

That is insane that Andy is coming home so soon. I at least thought it was the end of October not the beginning. crazy.

So investigators....

We are going to have two baptisms this weekend if all goes as planned. Rocio and Efrain. They aren't related, Rocio is a amiga of a few recent converts and has come to church 4 times already but we hadn't had the chance to teach her up until now.
Efrain is a child of an inactive lady in our branch. she now is active and Efrain is going to get baptized. Yeah!

Other than that we don't have that many investigators. we will be focusing a lot this week in finding new ones.

That's about all! I'm going to send some photos! I love you guys and am really grateful for all the support and prayers I receive!


 Elder Carlson

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