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Monday, November 14, 2011

Prayers Would Be Appreciated

Dear family,
I hope there aren't any problems with the video chat on Christmas day. There are a lot of little things that I could see going wrong. I'm sure president will let us know how he wants us to do it though.

Sounds like the new iphone is fun and fancy, so did everyone switch to AT&T or just you.... or did they come out with the iphone for Verizon?

Well we had a good but very difficult week. We started the week not having a planned baptism, we had a district meeting on Tuesday inspiring us to find someone that was prepared and willing and baptize them that week.  The Lord prepared the way and we looked through the people we had and former investigators with the qualifications necessary to be baptized this week, specificly investigators that had gone to church a lot in the past. Juan Miguel was one of them his only obstacle is his grandma.  I think I have told you about him before.  We were able to call the grandma on tuesday and talk with her. At the end she said that if Juan Miguel felt good about it and he wanted to do it she wouldn't stop him, Miracle right?! 

We notified the ward-Juan Miguel was super excited and told tons of ward members at Mutual. He told his friends and family too. Everything was going good. We did a companion exchange and got the interview done and everything just perfect.  At 3:00 on Saturday we recieved a call telling us that Juan Miguel needed to talk to us because he couldn't get baptized... Turns out his grandma changed her mind and also convinced his mother that it w as a bad idea. Basically turned his whole family against him. Just to try, I called his grandma to try to reason with her, the grandfather answered and after a few words from me started yelling at me. It was very unfortunate. Juan Miguel was devastated. He was at the point of tears when he told us. Very sad. After talking to him more we found out that the only obstacle is really his mother. His father is willing to let him get baptized but wants the mother to be fine with it too. Hopefully we will be able to talk with the mother to help her understand how important it is for Juan Miguel.... Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Despite this very dificult situation we had a fairly positive week. we found a lot of new really promising investigators.... I don't have any more time but thanks for all the letters.


Elder Carlson

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