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Monday, November 7, 2011

Video Chat for Christmas!

Dear Family,
Thats awesome about Josh Asplund, I assumed he was on a mission I just never heard anything about it. Suele pasar. That's fun that he is speaking Spanish too.

That's a cool story about sister Turley's talk at stake conference, but I don't know, or at least I cannot picture who she is, oh well!

So dad is a Sumo Sacerdote now... High Priest. That's cool, I wasn't expecting that. I dont really know who or why they call people to be high priests. I have been in Districts my whole mission so they don't have a high priest's quorm so I don't really know very much about them.

Gracias for the Christmas presents... now we will have to see how much self control I have. I hope it takes like 4 weeks to arrive, that would make it easier to resist. Last year I was pretty good, I only opened like 3 presents early... haha
Speaking of Christmas. I have a little suprise. We just found out this week that this year instead of doing a normal phone call we will be allowed to do a VIDEO Chat! I know that other missions have been doing that for some time now but we have some fairly strict rules here. I was really suprised to find out. Also they are going to get everyone a washing machine... that was super unexpected. I guess we are baptizing enought to merit such rewards. hahah. And I'm going to be sending a box home with my Trainer Elder Luke, he ends his mission at the end of November and he lives in Logan so he voluntered to take a box home (maybe in exchange for a Sunday dinner with the family). He is a great guy, he is the Assistant to the President right now.

So we had a baptism this week! Melani Lasalvia. She is the cousin of a recent convert. After seeing the baptism of her cousin and coming to the confirmation the next day she was fairly excited and willing to take the lessons and get baptized.

We are focusing right now on refilling our investigator pool.... it's getting a little lonely. Juan Miguel is still in limbo. His grandma still says no, but we have a secret weapon that we are going to try to use this week... President Davidson. He is a Seventy that is on special assignment. I'm sure I have mentioned him when I was in 33. Now he is working with Florida as well to make them a stake. so he voluntered to come with us to help win over the grandma. We are going to keep praying for that.

Everything is going really well here. It's getting hot. I'm looking forward to the days of continous sweating where you cannot escape the heat. Those are always fun..... oh yes and I'm not waking up wet from sweat yet so that's good.

I'm going to use the rest of my time to send some pictures!

Love Elder Carlson

P.S.  Once again I find myself in a under developed country. The stupid computer won't let me send photos... maybe next week!

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