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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday March 5, 2012

Dear Family,
So I still havent gotten the box, it should be coming this Thursday to the elders in La Paz and then I should be getting it friday from them. but who knows, they have had some problems getting us stuff here.  I don't know why since we are a lot closer to the offices  Anyway we didn't receive a mission box this week like we should have, so no one even got letters.... I might call the secretaries or something.

It's really easy to know how many memebers there are in the ward, they just have to check on MLS the church computer program. That would be the number of membership records in the ward, it should be fairly up to date.

We are still working hard here. we still don't know that many members but we are working on it. Sebastian didn't come to church so we won't be having a baptism this week but we should be have some baptisms soon. I don't know who but ya..... we have a few investigators.  There is this lady, Monica, she investigated for a little bit about a year ago. and I feel like she is way more prepared now, before she had a lot of problems with her partner but now he is gone and she is just with her two kids.  We had two really really good charlas with her, in both leccions someone cried.  We brought our lider missional becuase he is her neighbor, really good guy with a great testimony. She failed us on Saturday so we couldn't talk to her about coming to church but our Leader missional called her and she said she would go but then didn't come in the end. oh well.

Today we completely wasted the morning.... we went to La Paz about 20 minutes away to play soccer but then no one showed up that was supposed to and so we didnt even play at all. we ended up losing about 2 hours..... now we have to hurry up and type and get over to a members house because they are giving us lunch..... I feel like there are a lot of typing errors in this letter but I'm too lazy to fix them. I can't wait for the chinese sauce. :)

Could you pass a mesage on for Bryan Gurney.... Tell him that Elder Robertson from Riverton UT is serving here and is in my district.

I was talking to E Robertson and we found out that his dad is really good friends with Darin. And he knows Curtis Hickman and apparently Curtis is getting married..... Wow.

I think thats about it for now.

Our apartment isn't worthy of a picture. It's kinda crappy.  President wants us to move but it's really hard to find new place to live.... this will be my third time moving if we end up finding something.

Anyway I'm doing good, loving the mission. I hope everything is going well there!

Elder Carlson

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