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Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Family,
Still no box!  The mission box arrived, without my box so now there’s even less hope. I did however get a lovely letter from Elder Coulsen Phillips! He is doing well.

Anyway, prepare yourself. Im going to send some pics of the house... or try at least.... 
The first is of my companion, Elder Segura and me.  The rest are of our apartment. 

So I’m a little sick. My throat hurts. It started yesterday, I hope it doesn’t last.  It is still fairly hot here. We hit a cold patch for like 3 or 4 days but now it’s back up there.

So guess what? There is someone from My ward here in Uruguay going to  Provo today. His name is Elder Chappe. He is an area 70, He went to Provo today with his wife. I don’t know how long they are going to be there. I think it is for a meeting or something. They told me yesterday and offered to take something to you guys but it was really late and I couldn’t think of anything to send you guys so I didn’t. I didn’t tell them any information about where you live or anything so I don’t think they will be in touch, but if you see some Uruguayans walking around byu or something it’s probably him. He is fairly tall and white. He looks American. Anyway that would be interesting if you saw him there :)

So the work continues here in Melilla. (Its pronounced Melisha just so you know.... Don’t listen to the lies that Spencer might try to tell you about the pronunciation) 

Sebastian came to church, he isn’t going to get baptized on the 23rd because the Bishop wants (requires) to have a interview with his parents before he announces the baptism. It’s not really in his rights as a bishop to demand such a thing, but its not a bad things. Man alive. Working here in Montevideo in my first Stake and established Ward is really different than the little "anything goes" branches of the interior. That’s not to say the we just did what ever we felt like in the branches but there was a lot more trust in the missionaries. I’m not going to lie, if Sebastian lived in Florida he would definitely be baptized already. Anyway we will just deal with it. It’s better to deal with it then have an angry bishop for the next 4 months. Sebastian’s a really cool kid, He always wants to go to every activity in the church.  He has already been to 2 mutual and 1 activity of the primary because he is actually 11 but he turns 12 in a few weeks. Anyway maybe between conference sessions we will baptize him.

We still aren’t finding very many new investigadores but now we are working more with the members, hopefully we will be able to get some good references, Other than my little illness we are doing great.  

I’m getting really excited for Conference! I cant believe its already here. It is my last conference in the mission.... Lots to learn still....

Anyway that’s about all for this week.

Elder Carlson

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