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Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a Good Thing We Shower With Flip Flops

Dear Family,
Wow, you bought a car and you didn't even send me a photo!

So, I didn't really forget about dad's birthday, it just slipped my mind to wish him a happy birthday..... It's the 13th right?

So ya I read that article too in the Ensign about studying the conference talks.... The conference Ensigns that we have in our houses are always marked up and studied to the max. 

Well this has been a really calm unexciting week.... Nothing really out of the ordinary happend.

So today President Da Silva is coming at 2:00 to see the new house and hopefully approve it... I thought it got approved already but we will have to see. He called us last night and said he wanted to go see it. But its a nice house I'm sure it will be fine.... The only thing that worries me is that it doesn't have bars on the front windows  but my house in Florida didn't have bars either.... I don't know if it will be a problem.  We have never had a problem with thefts. Our current house has sooooo many problems! Currently the toliet has broken and when we flush everything and a little more comes flooding out the bottom of the toilet and covers the floor.  Not really sanitary - It's a good thing we shower with flip flops....

Sebastion is still going strong. We aren't really sure what we are going to do. The Bishop hasn't changed his opinion. We are still working with the parents but they didnt come this week to church, I dont really think that they are going to get converted any time soon. Basically because they have told us that they don't want to stop smoking and drinking and they don't want to go to the church. I dont know,  we will see what happens. This week to fill a little bit of our time we started visiting a bunch of less actives.  Hopefully we can find some families to complete!

Thats about it. 

Elder Carlson

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