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Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Family,
Conference was fantastic!!!! I really enjoyed it a ton. I think it flew by faster than any conference in my life.  I really liked a lot of the talks.  Holland's was great. Ballard's was great, Uchtdor, and Bednar. I really liked them all, those are just some of the ones that stood out to me. 

I noticed a big emphasis in the family, especially a call for the Men.  There was also a couple of seventies that gave good obra misional talks. You might have also heard the term "Real Growth" That's a term we heard about 4 months ago from our mission president because the First presidency trained the Area presidencies about it.  It is just a focus on the family. One interesting thing that they didn't talk about was pornography. Maybe the Church as a whole is getting better? That would be great.

One thing that I thought of during the conference - could you please email me my Priesthood line of authority (tracing my authority back to Jesus Christ).

 So we received Change Calls. The normal excitement of Change Calls was swallowed up by the spiritual feast of General Conference. We didn't even speculate very much about the possible changes. Anyway I already knew that I would be staying because the trainers have to stay with there newbies for two changes. So Elder Segura and I are staying put. The other elders in our house are changing... Elder Rodriguez is leaving and Elder Davis is coming, Davis is from the group above me. So I first met him in the CCM, he is a good Elder. 

We are still unable to find a new house. but now that I am assured another 6 weeks here we will probably look a little harder. Our house is super crappy but you just get used to it and stop caring. 

Anyway I hope you guys paid good attention to Conference. The most important things to listen for are things to change. Don't you worry I have a big long list for myself. Elder Uchtdorf´s talk should give everyone something to fix.... :)

Elder Carlson

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