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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greetings From Uruguay!

Jordan and his trainer Elder Luke

Hey mom, 
So I get to send you another email now that I'm in Uruguay! Well I made it just fine. The flight only took about 30 minutes and then we got all our stuff and president and all the office elders were waiting for us. We went back to the mission home which is right behind the temple. The temple is awesome and it's weird because it's like in this total residential neighborhood. Anyway we had a few training meetings and interviews and then got assigned our trainers and areas. My trainers name is Elder Luke, he is from Southern California and he has been out about a year. So far things are going great. Our zone is called Florida, Our area is called Estacion, its a little town about an hour and a half from Montevideo, its pretty flat, but more hilly than Buenos Aires was.

We live like two houses down from our Church, and not going to lie, I wasn't expecting our house to be quite so humble, I guess I'm just spoiled from my CCM hotel experience for the last 9 weeks. It's not bad or anything but it does need a little cleaning. Oh yes, and our water heater is broken, so I'll have freezing cold showers for the next couple of weeks.  

My companion has been working hard in this area and had 8 baptism last transfer which is really good, we have two more this week and a few more down the line. We went out contacting yesterday and taught a lesson in a house and went to the store, that's about it. Today we have five or so lessons and contacting the rest of the day, We have a lot of people that are preparing for baptism that need a lot of attention. It's really exciting and I'm liking it a lot so far.
A few changes concerning email though. I am still only allowed 30 minutes every week, but from now on I cannot receive emails from friends, only immediate family. However, they have provided a way for my friends to email me or write to me quicker. 
If you send an email to they will print out the email and send it to me.
it is Important that you put my name ELDER JORDAN CARLSON as the subject line for the email so they know who the email is for.
Also as far as packages they say the mail is reliable but slow average 2 to 3 weeks but sometimes as much as 5 so plan accordingly, And you can get a package to me fairly easy as long as the contents are less than 40 dollars and you should write on the description something general like ''Missionary Supplies''.
Also things happened so quickly at the mission home I completely forgot to get my box, but I think they will just send it to me out here, it shouldn't be a problem.
One las thing. If you go onto    and find the section for CCM and then go to grupos and find grupo 489 they should be posting a group photo soon, probably within the next few days or weeks not sure.
Make sure everyone knows about the new email info.
Thats all for now!
Elder Carlson IV

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