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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elder Anderson Visits the CCM

Hey mom!
Things are going pretty good down here in Argentina. Its getting hot now days, and humid! So humid it reminds me of TX.
Elder Anderson came and gave us a little devotional on Sunday. He didn't have that much time but it was really awesome. First off I was on the first row like five feet from him. Second, he speaks fluent French and Portuguese but he is still getting his Spanish down so he talked just fine but he used fairly basic words so I understood every single word he said. And it was just really cool to see an apostle so unofficial. It was a fairly small group and he was in a hurry so his wife gave a little message first and he kept interrupting her and adding things it was funny.  Oh and he kept making her switch to Spanish even though you could tell she didn't want to speak it haha.
Anyway Proselitismo was good except we didn't get to go to Mauro's because he was at work :( It really stunk, we went by his house like 4 times just to make sure. We ended up calling him on Monday and talking to him and he said that he had read in the Book of Mormon and he was anxious to talk with us because he had some questions for us! It was awesome... until we found out that we are moving areas and there is nothing we can do to change that. I'm pretty upset about that and so is another companionship in my district because they had another investigator that was progressing a lot as well. Oh well hopefully the other missionaries aren't too busy to go see them. That would really bug me. Nothing I can do though I will just have to find some new investigators this week. Other than that we had two really good contacts last week where we gave them a Book of Mormon, shared Moroni's promise, and gave a brief lesson on the restoration and Joseph Smith. But we won't get to go visit them either so...
I'm ready to leave the CCM, I'm getting really bored now. we have learned all the spanish grammar rules so now all we do is review and practice teaching. I'm ready to just teach for real. Less than two more weeks. In fact next Tuesday it will only be 1 week!
That's cool about Midland. Flying all the way to midland? Spoiled. The best we ever got was to Dallas and a five hour drive or something like that. I will be in the field for Thanksgiving. Who knows what I will do for that. I'm thinking Asado.
Cameron gets home soon. Like a month and a half right? That's exciting. 
I can't really think of very much more. I'm sure I will find something later that I forgot to say and send you a letter or something. But yup. 

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