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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Thanksgiving

Dear Family,

Lets see.... Dad asked, Did I do anything for Thanksgiving....
Luckly it is so dramatically different than any other Thanksgiving I have ever had that it didn't feel like Thanksgiving at all, otherwise I might have missed it! We had lunch with some members, and by lunch I mean they gave us a bag with two ''Hamburgers'' each in it. With moldy bread, I really don't care though, we have had some really really good lunches though. By the way lunch is the new dinner down here. We don't eat dinner. One day we had these amazing milanesas and rice, with an almost mexican salsa, which you do not get down here, and then ice cream! Oh yes and the other day we had this mix of stuff, rice, peas, carrots, some meat I think, and eggs, hardboiled, but they looked funny, instead of being completely opaque they were semi transparent. and really big.... we learned a little later that it was ostrich egg. Yum. haha They tasted pretty normal.
Ok here is a bunch of stuff really quick....
  • We had two baptisms this week! awesome! I baptized Axel... I will send a pic. It was fantastic.
  • I got to introduce myself in church this week, it could have gone better.
  • I don't think I have mentioned it ever but the way people greet each other here is with a kiss on the cheek, they do it for everyone, except missionaries! It makes getting things started at church and stuff take forever!
  • Everyone here rides scooters or motorcycles, hardly anyone has cars, once I saw an entire family on one scooter, two little boys in front with dad, then two little girls smooshed between mom and dad. haha 6! Six people on one scooter.
Bad news, for some reason, the government takes a vacation in January, and only the government is allowed to marry people, so for all of january we won't be able to get anyone married, which is a problem if we expect people to live the law of chastity....
I think thats about it.  I love you guys!

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