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Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear Family,

Thanks for the recipes, mom. I'm going to make those chocolate crinkles lots. What happens if you don't refrigerate the dough over night? I like to do things without waiting very long....

Unfortunately,  I don't think I can get a lot of the ingredients for the Magleby's syrup..... we will see....

Well it is another PDay in Uruguay. It does not in the least bit feel like the 4th of July. It's funny because the 4th of July is the only holiday we call by its date. I guess you could say independence day but we rarely do. Here in Uruguay their holidays are just named by their dates. 18 de Julio, 25 de Mayo, 8 de Agosto, 18 de Abril..... Its a little repetitive if you ask me.

Wow I'm definitely going to miss not going to the Porters today. I haven't had good bbq chicken in forever.

I am better- thanks to a concoction I made!  Here's a picture...
This is the witches brew I made out of Uruguayan herbs....
The finished product!

So this last wednesday my companion and I went to Montevideo because he had an appointment with an orthodontist. It was kinda fun. we didn't really do anything else. but we did get permision to go to the distribution center because my comp needed garments. So I bought a few things too... only spent like 15 bucks but there is so much good stuff there. DVDs and other teaching stuff. I bought another Preach my Gospel because mine was thrashed. 

This is the house that we live in right now. It's only the second story and the bathroom is  not attached to the house. 

It was a good week, less rainy than last week and we made some progress with some of our investigators, Only one came to church, but he is a stud. His name is Claudio, he is like 26 married with two kids. Super smart. He really understands what we teach which is nice. The biggest problem we are facing with him is his schedule is really tight.  We never can meet with him.

Pablo and Silvia accepted a baptismal date for the 23 of July and they were super committed to coming to church but then they didn't.

Diego didn't come which is really werid, we are pretty sure there was some sort of family problem because his step dad came but no one else in their family which is really weird.

We have a new investigator with potential name Isabel, she has a long story that I will tell another day but  suffice it to say, she is super catholic, probably the first real catholic that I have ever talked to. But she wants to find the true truth so it should be easy now that she has the Book of Mormon. :)

Well my hands are ice, and I'm out of time!

Love you all!

Elder Carlson

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