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Monday, July 16, 2012


Dear Family,

I like the photo of Spencer and Hannah, haha Spencer looks like a little kid because he actually shaved his face! 

Oh ya so it looks like either I will be flying home tuesday the 21 in the morning or 20th in the evening but they are supposedly going to confirm the plans with me today so we will see.

Thats great about whitney´s talk, I actually would have liked to give a few more talks while I was here. There are some areas where the missionaries have to do everything and end up talking every week in sacrament meeting, and then there are some functioning wards that they never ask the missionaries to talk, and this is one of them.  I have never talked in this area, they did ask some of the other missionareis though.  I bet I might give a talk though before I leave.

Anyway everything is going great.... I dont remember if I told you guys about Gladys, She is a lady that we found last week doing contacts, apparently she is a former investigator and even has some missionary facebook friends.  She seems like she is a really good person, we just need to find the way to help her actually take the steps that are going to bring her even more happiness and closer to God. She has come to church in the past and said that every time she felt peace and joy, but then she told us that she's just not the type of person to go to church every week.  I asked her what she meant by that, anyway she kinda reallized that that was a silly answer and that she can be happy and peacful everytime she goes to church if she will just come.  We will see how it goes.

Right now we are just working to find new people, we had found a few but they really arent going to progress so we just need to have the faith to keep looking.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about family life and what it is that makes a sucessful family.  A ton of things have been calling my attention in my studies about it. Also in discussions with my comps, It's so crazy the difference that reading, praying and going to church makes in the life of investigators, members, and my own life. That is one thing I really know for a fact is true.   If we read and pray everyday the Lord will bless us and we will have a happier more productive, purer life. I think that is one of the main differences in my pre mission life and mission life. Also I am making a big effort to develop christ like attributes in this last month.  We will see how it has gone when i get back :)

Anyway that's all for now.

Elder Carlson

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